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      <page pageid="1053" ns="0" title="0x Item">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">[[File:0x_stuff.png|right]]
[[File:0x suff box (1).png|thumb|74x74px]]
[[File:Silver 0x trophu.PNG|thumb|267x267px]]
[[File:Screenshot 2020-07-30 at 3.33.00 PM (2).png|thumb|209x209px]]
0x items were obtained over 3 ways over the past before Cogg patched them, the first 0x glitch involved having a person shred an item while the critical ship counter was low and if the ship got destroyed while the item was being shredded it would create a 0x item. the second 0x item was a 0x fuel glitch that only worked with fuel, you got them by shooting out a thruster that had 1 fuel in it. the third 0x item glitch involved wrenching a fabricator at the exact time an item was being created from the fabricator, this was extremely hard to do. it is impossible to get a 0x item anymore because Cogg patched the glitch, however, Cogg has compensated those who had a 0x item before April first with a gold zero with a slash through it ∅. And he has spoken of compensating those with 0x fuel and other 0x items after April 1 with different items. As of now, all people with 0x fuel got a silver null trophy at a 1 trophy:1.1 0x fuel ratio, unfortunately, you can only have a max of 16 on 1 ship so lots of people who had more than 20+ on a ship didn't get all of the 0x trophies they should have had. They are ejectable.

==How to handle a 0x item==

Do not pick up the 0x item or it will be destroyed if you want to eject it then use a loader, to move It use a pusher or a loader
      <page pageid="98" ns="0" title="Ammo">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">Ammo is used in [[turrets]] to damage [[Red Bot]]s, [[Blue Bot]]s, [[Green Bot]]s, [[Yellow Bot]]s, [[Tile]]s, and other [[Spaceship]]s. If your ship collides into your own bullets it can damage your own ship, potentially destroying it. All Ammo types can only be crafted at a [[Munition Fabricator]]. Except for Standard Ammo and Trash Ammo which can be crafted at the [[Starter Fabricator]] as well.

Trash ammo is free, and the only item in the game that requires no materials to craft, but decays over time, with a life-span from 1 second to 10 minutes.

== Ammo Types ==
{| class=&quot;article-table&quot;
|[[File:Ammo standard.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
|'''[[Standard Ammo]]'''
|Fast reloads.
|[[File:Ammo scattershot.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
|'''[[ScatterShot Ammo]]'''
|Big damage at close range, but due to the massive bullet spread, can be avoided easily on range.
|[[File:Ammo flak.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
|'''[[Flak Ammo]]'''
|Explodes into more bullets in flight.
|[[File:Ammo sniper.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
|'''[[Sniper Ammo]]'''
|Flies swift &amp; true. Bouncy.
|[[File:Ammo punch.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
|'''[[Punch Ammo]]'''
|Pushes objects away.
|[[File:Ammo yank.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
|'''[[Yank Ammo]]'''
|Pulls [[Spaceship]]s, [[Red Bot]]s and items upon impact, deals around the same damage as standard ammo. Good for yanking stuff out of holes.
|[[Slug Ammo|'''Slug Ammo''']]
|Used to dig through tiles.  It replaced the more powerful Breaker Ammo in Version ℵ35.
|[[File:Ammo trash.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
|'''[[Trash Ammo]]'''
|Deals very low damage, but requires no resources to [[Fabricator|Fabricate]], but it decays over time.

== Loading Turrets (RC, Auto, Burst, Manual) ==
[[Ammo]] can be loaded into Turrets by left-clicking on the [[Turret |Turret]] while holding the Ammo. If there is excess Ammo, it will remain in the inventory slot.

== Notes ==
* Trash Ammo cannot be ejected
* All Ammo types stack in stacks of 16
* The only time when Yank and Punch ammo is used on a large scale is in [[The Pits]], where it is used to move the large rocks
* Breaker Ammo could not break rocks in The Pits
* Trash Ammo is weak and therefore often only used when the materials are missing for stronger ammo types.

== History ==
* A lot. See the Changelog.
      <page pageid="191" ns="0" title="Auto Turret">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{Infobox-Buildable/Turret
|title1={{Icon|Auto Turret}} Auto Turret &lt;sub&gt;''unpackaged''&lt;/sub&gt;
|image1=Auto Turret.png
|description:=Buildable. Fully automatic gun.
|dropped_by:={{Icon|Red Bot}} [[Red Bot]]s, {{Icon|Blue Bot}} [[Blue Bot]]s, {{Icon|Diamond Tile}} [[Diamond Tile]]s, and possibly [[Spaceship]]s.
'''Auto Turret''' is a fully automatic gun which has to be controlled manually and cannot be controlled by the [[Helm]]. Unlike other Turrets, the max ammo capacity is 32 [[Ammo]] and it has an increased fire rate. Due to its rarity and usefulness, it has high value when trading.

== Obtaining ==
It can not be crafted, you can only find these as loot, as a rare drop, from {{Icon|Diamond Tile}} [[Diamond Tile]]s, {{Icon|Blue Bot}} [[Blue Bot]]s, {{Icon|Red Bot}} [[Red Bot]]s, or from [[Spaceship]]s that are in critical condition.

      <page pageid="1040" ns="0" title="Backpack">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{Infobox-Buildable |title1=Backpack |image1=Backpack.png |description:=Equipment (Back). Lets you hold more items. |crafted_at:= *{{Icon|Equipment Fab}} [[Equipment Fabricator]] |recipe:=What you'll need:
*16 {{Icon|Metal}} [[Metal]]
*4 {{Icon|Hyper Rubber}} [[Hyper Rubber]] |output:= |craft_time:=Production delay: 
*20 sec }}[[File:Backpack.png|left|thumb|32x32px]]
The '''Backpack''' is a craftable [[:category:Equipment|Equipment]], that can be used to '''increase your player's inventory slots.'''

'''It increases players' inventory slots by 2'''.

== How to equip ==
To equip this item you need to drag &amp; drop the Backpack to 'back' in the equipment menu. You can also double click the item in the inventory to equip it.

      <page pageid="385" ns="0" title="Basketball">
          <rev xml:space="preserve">{{Something_that_may_work|title1 = Basketball|image1 = BasketBall.png|caption1 = 1 of 4 ball types dropped from the Green Bot|type = Item|use = Cosmetic, Games|unique_qualities = Bounces, Circular hitbox}}
The &lt;strong&gt;Basket Ball&lt;/strong&gt; is a rare item dropped from the {{Icon|Green Bot}} [[Green Bot]]. Players will most likely trade a various amount of {{Icon|Metal}} [[Metal]], {{Icon|Explosives}} [[Explosives]], {{Icon|Flux Crystals}} [[Flux Crystals|Flux]], {{Icon|Hyper Rubber}} [[Hyper Rubber]], and {{Icon|Silica Crystals}} [[Silica Crystals|Silica]] for this rare item.