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0x items were obtained over 3 ways over the past before Adam Coggeshall patched them, the first 0x glitch involved having a person shred an item while the critical ship counter was low and if the ship got destroyed while the item was being shredded it would create a 0x item. the second 0x item was a 0x fuel glitch that only worked with fuel, you got them by shooting out a thruster that had 1 fuel in it. the third 0x item glitch involved wrenching a fabricator at the exact time an item was being created from the fabricator, this was extremely hard to do. it is impossible to get a 0x item anymore because it was patched by Adam Coggeshall however he has compensated those who had a 0x item before April first with a gold zero or silver with a slash through it ∅.

How to handle a 0x item

Do not pick up the 0x item or it will be destroyed if you want to eject it then use a loader, to move It use a pusher or a loader.

Null Trophies

Adam Coggeshall has compensated those with 0x items with items.

As of now, all people with 0x fuel got a silver null trophy, with 1 trophy given for 1 fuel. Unfortunately, lots of people who had more than 20+ on a ship didn't get all of the 0x trophies they should have had. They are ejectable.

The test server is the main source of these trophies.