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Ammo is used in Turrets to damage Bots, and other Spaceships. If your ship collides into your own bullets it can damage your own ship, potentially destroying it. All Ammo types can only be crafted at a Fab munitions icon.png Munitions Fabricator. Except for Ammo standard.png Standard Ammo and Ammo trash.png Trash Ammo which can be crafted at the Fab starter icon.png Starter Fabricator as well.

Trash Ammo is free, and the only item in the game that requires no Resources to craft, but decays over time, with a life-span from 1 second to 10 minutes.

Ammo Types


Name Description
Ammo standard.png
Standard Ammo Fast reloads.
Ammo scattershot.png
ScatterShot Ammo Big damage at close range, but due to the massive bullet spread, can be avoided easily on range.
Ammo flak.png
Flak Ammo Explodes into more bullets in flight.
Ammo sniper.png
Sniper Ammo Flies swift & true. Bouncy.
Ammo punch.png
Punch Ammo Pushes objects away.
Ammo yank.png
Yank Ammo Pulls Spaceships, Red Bots and items upon impact, deals around the same damage as standard ammo. Good for yanking stuff out of holes.
Ammo slug.png
Slug Ammo High damage. Used to dig through tiles. It replaced the more powerful Breaker Ammo in Version ℵ35.
Ammo trash.png
Trash Ammo Deals very low damage, but requires no resources to Fabricate, but it decays over time.

Loading Turrets (RC, Auto, Burst, Manual)

Ammo can be loaded into Turrets by left-clicking on the Turret while holding the Ammo. If there is excess Ammo, it will remain in the inventory slot.


  • Trash Ammo cannot be ejected
  • All Ammo types stack in stacks of 16
  • The only time when Yank and Punch ammo is used on a large scale is in The Pits, where it is used to move the large rocks
  • Breaker Ammo could not break rocks in The Pits
  • Trash Ammo is weak and therefore often only used when the materials are missing for stronger ammo types.