Purpose of the Game

You want to build a powerful ship with lots of turrets so you can destroy other ships for loot. You could also play peaceful but at the moment there are only a few game elements. Killing other ships is basically the only thing you can do in late game. Killing other ships will give you a lot of good stuff and the dropped loot will increase your ranking on the leaderboard.


When you first create a ship, 2 RC Turrets (Starter) will be present on the walls on your ship. These turrets cannot be looted or dropped through a Cargo Ejector. More RC Turrets can be obtained via Mining or Trading, more on those later. Another type of turret is simply called "Turret" and must be controlled manually. These are not very useful unless you have a large crew, because it can't be controlled by the helm. Burst turrets and Auto Turrets can also be obtained via Mining or Trading, however these also can not be controlled by the helm, but are more powerful than a RC Turret or Turret.


Mining is a strategy that usually involves a small ship with RC Turrets loaded with Break Ammo that can break the Diamond Tiles instantly. Diamond tiles can drop RC Turrets, Auto Turrets, or Burst Turrets that you can attach to your ship. These turrets can be ejected out a Cargo Ejector for trading or looted from your ship by enemies. If the dropped turrets are in a hole you can shoot the dropped turret with Yank ammo to "yank" it out.

Fighting & Ammo Usage

Breaker Ammo is the only ammo that can instantly destroy Tiles and Diamond Tiles. That is why you should save the Explosives at the beginning to produce Breaker Ammo. You can get Explosives by killing Red Bots. Trash ammo is the type of ammo you will most likely use at the beginning of the game, simply because it is free. However, because of update N23, trash ammo slowly decays over time if it is on the floor of your ship or in Expando Boxes. A common mistake is to use Explosives early in the game to fabricate ammo other than Breaker Ammo and kill weak ships or NPCs/Bots. This is usually a waste of explosives. Make ammo other than Breaker Ammo when you have enough turrets to defend yourself because Breaker Ammo travels through the air very slowly, and it is very easy to waste shots. Also, Breaker Ammo is the most expensive ammo, so only use it for Mining.

Team Management & Griefers (Trolls)

It is recommended to set your ship to Private at first because then no Trolls or Griefers can join your ship. Once you have built a guest spawn point and limited the amount guests can walk, you can set your ship to public. Only promote guests to crew once you have accessed their attentiveness, such as making them read the Motto, and trustworthiness. If a promoted Guest turns out to be a troll, ban them fast before they ruin your ship. Keep guests and untrustworthy crew off of your ship when you leave the game. You find in the ship menu a "Save Ship" button to kick all people on your ship. However, you need to be in a safe zone (Freeport I, Freeport II, Freeport III) to save. If you do not save they can rejoin and control your ship. That is a death sentence for your ship in most cases. To avoid this, you can set your ship to "Invites-Only", like that, only captains and invited-members can enter your ship. Only promote those that you are sure you can trust to captain, because they can reload your ship even after you have saved it.

Item Management

It is also a smart idea to set filters on the hatches and automatically sort items to be disposed in different vaults with that function.

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