1. Purpose of the Game
  2. Mining
  3. Fighting & Ammo Usage
  4. Team Management & Griefers (Trolls)
  5. Item Management

Purpose of the Game

You want to build a powerful ship with lots of turrets so you can destroy other ships for loot. You could also play peaceful but at the moment there are only a few game elements. Killing other ships is basically the only thing you can do in late game. Killing other ships will give you a lot of good stuff and the dropped loot will increase your ranking on the leaderboard.

Mining & Turrets

At the start of the game you only have 2 RC Turrets (Starter). You want more of them and should try to get at least 20 or better 40. This will make you an enemy everybody fears. The manuel turrets can't be controlled by the the helm so you don't want many of them. What are you are trying to do is destroying the grey blocks and get to the white diamonds in the walls. By shooting them with breaker ammo, the white diamond will transform into rare items like RC Turrets, Auto Turrets or Burst Turrets you can attach them to your ship. If the dropped turrets are in a hole you can use Yank ammo to grab them from tiny spots. Yank ammo works like a picker arm.

Fighting & Ammo Usage

Breakers are the only ammo which destroys grey blocks. That is why you should save the rare explosives at the beginning to produce breakers. You can get the explosives by killing Red Bots. Trash ammo is the type of ammo you will use most at the beginning of the game, however it is worth knowing that because of update N23, trash ammo slowly decays over time if it is laying around somewhere. A common mistake is to use explosives early in the game to make other ammo than breakers and kill weak ships and NPCs/Bots. This is a waste of explosives. Make other ammo than breakers if you want to fight after you gained some turrets.

Team Management & Griefers (Trolls)

There are two important rules: 1. Ban trolls fast so they can't destroy your ship, 2. always ban untrustworthy crew members and guests when you leave the game. You find in the menu a "Save Ship" button to kick all guests. However, you need to be in a safe zone (Freeport I, Freeport II, Freeport III) to save. If you do not save they can rejoin and control your ship. That is a death sentence for your ship in most cases. To avoid this, you can set your ship to "Invites-Only", like that, only captains and invited-members can enter your ship.

Item Management

It is also a smart idea to set filters on the hatches and automatically sort items to be disposed in different vaults with that function.

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