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Blue Rushers are NPC Enemies that are only found in the PvP zone "Sparrow" and can be destroyed by turrets, the larger the Blue-Bot is the more HP it will have and the more loot they will drop. It is more dangerous than the Red Bots. They deal damage just by touching you. However, they drop better loot.

Blue bots1


They are flying blue circles with red eyes and have spikes all over them spinning around them.


  • The eyes of Bots always track their current target. Sometimes they are close to you but not even hunting you, you can use this as an advantage against other player spaceships nearby. Means extra damage and blockade against enemy ships by the NPC.
  • The Blue Rusher's knockback can be used to escape players if timed correctly.
  • Destroy them with long-ranged ammunition like Sniper ammo. It isn't the most efficient way to kill Blue Bots, but it's the safest way!
  • Punch ammo is a strong alternative if you don't have any Sniper ammo. You can keep a Blue bot away from you while dealing damage to it. A good idea is to use Punch ammo along with other, preferred, ammo like some pirate ships.
  • If you want to compromise, use Flak ammo. It starts as one projectile but explodes into multiple bullets in flight. This makes it good for medium-range combat.
  • Don't use yank ammo unless you want to get yourself killed in the process. However, in an emergency, you can use the blue bots' knockback to escape.
  • Blue Bots' drops aren't very useful, so there isn't much reason to kill them, unless you desperately need ammo, or if they are in the way.