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Bots are enemies that spawn in PVE, PVP, and Mission zones such as Hummingbird, Finch, Sparrow, Raven, and Falcon. They can be destroyed by Turrets.

Red Bots[]

Red bot

A small Red Bot

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Red Bots are red circle enemies that spawn in Finch. They attack by firing red lasers in a way similar to Scattershot Ammo. Red Bots' health and attack size scale with their size, but larger Bots also drop more loot. Red Bots drop Fuel, Sniper ammo Explosives, and they rarely drop RC Turrets.

Blue Bots[]

Blue bots1

Blue Bots of various sizes

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Blue Bots are similar to Red Bots, but only spawn in Sparrow . Unlike Red Bots, Blue Bots' only attack is contact damage. They drop Ammo and possibly rare Turrets (RC, Auto and Burst).

Green Bots[]

Main Article: Green Bot

The Green Bot always drops three semi-rares on death, including Balls, Ice, Pushers, Loaders, Launchers, BP Scanners and RCD's. When the Green Bot spawns, it's always the same size as before death. This bot also has more HP than the other bots. The projectiles from this bot's attack have the properties of Punch Ammo.

Spaceships nearby get pushed around by the projectiles due to the mass spread of bullets being fired by these bots. Be cautious at close range, these bots can push you straight into enemies hands.

Square Bots (removed)[]

Main Article: Square Bot

Square Bots were small yellow bots that appear in Canary. Unlike their larger brethren, they only come in 1 size, and like their green brethren, have closed mouths. Square bots appear as breakable world blocks, when you attack them in their block state (sleeping), they spring to life. They are fairly weak in health, however they can be quite tough for a mining ship with their rapid firing shotgun-like attacks which deal high damage and can easily put you on critical and make you lose items if you are not careful.[1] In other respects, they are similar to a Red Bot, thier attack if more rapid fire and they only drop silica.