The average Canary map.

Canary is the smallest mission zone in the game, with the other one being The Pits. Yet again, it has both P.V.P and P.V.E combat. It is open to players at regular intervals along with the pits. Canary is the smallest zone, but it has a cluster of tiles with large quantities of diamond tiles and Yellow bots. Also, uncommonly, Flux Tiles may appear near the very center of canary, yielding 16 crystals when broken. This world has the chance to spawn every 45 minutes like every other mission, appearing 2 minutes after The Pits mission has expired. Canary also has no health limit, so you can expect a few battleships, as well as miner ships. Use slug ammo or scattershot to break through the tiles and get to the flux. Keep an eye on the timer, as once it runs out, you have 1 minutes to get out. Like the pit its loot depends on player count, below 80 and chances drop, below 10-20 flux dosent spawn at all. This is a problem on the Singapore server because of its low player count. All missions have a timer at the top indicating when the missions ends, and when the countdown finishes, all remaining ships in Canary get instantly teleported back to Sparrow I.

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