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Canary has both PvP (Player vs. Player} and PvE (Player vs. Entity) combat. It is open to players every 45 minutes intervals from the next mission it has a cluster of tiles with large quantities of Diamond tile Diamond Tiles.

Also, the highest chance that Flux tiles Flux Tiles may appear near the very center of canary. yielding 16 crystals when broken. Use Slug ammo or Flak Ammo to break through the dirt and get to the Flux Crystals Flux. Keep an eye on the timer, as once it runs out, you'll have 60 seconds to get out.

All missions have a timer at the top indicating when the missions is going to end, and once the countdown finishes, all remaining ships in Canary get instantly teleported back to Sparrow I.


Canary used to be made up of World Tiles and included Yellow Bots

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