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A ship Captain

There is at least one Captain in each Spaceship. They can invite, promote, kick and even ban players on the ship. If you create a new ship, you will automatically be the Captain. Every Captain can be seen with a blue name, like shown in the picture. You can obtain the captain rank by creating a new ship or being promoted by another Captain.

Team Manager

If you have the Captain rank, you can moderate your team by clicking the Team Manager button in the lower right corner of the screen.

You can use the Team Manager to moderate your ship, keeping a close eye on the crew's activity and inventory. If a griefer continues to raid your ship, you should set your team to Invite-Only.

Private teams can be made by setting a team to Invite-Only, and sending the invite link to your friends. When that friend joins, they'll automatically become a Crew member. Note that anyone who has joined your team in the past and has not been banned will still be allowed to join your Invite-Only team.

If you want to forget ship (delete), for example if it got created by accident, then you can use "Demote Self" option to demote yourself to Guest (Consequences of using this option can`t be reversed, so be accurate)


The management system and Captain rank has been added in update MARCH 2, 2019: VERSION ALPHA 9.

In ℵ13 version which got released on April 11th, 2019, Auto-Promotion got removed from team manager because of save system update.