Here is the changelog. It is constantly updating to keep up with the game's changelog.

May 13, 2020: Version ℵ41

  • Simplified and hopefully improved the way the client interpolates and predicts world snapshots.
  • Slightly increased player jump height to compensate for an apparent decrease in the new engine.
  • Adjusted the way network thread load balancing works. Should hopefully lead to less failures to connect.
  • Increased the number of network threads on the US server.
  • Pushers are no longer set to "Push" when initially placed. (Suggested by Mr.X, ent63, Arkanic, and others.)
  • Reduced the friction on stationary pushers and loaders.
  • Starter hatches will be force-respawned if they end up in the hatch buffer.
  • Added a link to the bug tracker and changed the reddit link to a new subreddit.
  • Increased the default friction on physics bodies.
  • Dropping items now runs the correct checks for item spawning.
  • Hopefully fixed a crash when trying to draw unloaded images.
  • Sniper bullets can no longer be fired inside of the world. They will hit instantly and do no damage to the world.
  • Fixed a bug that could be used to produce 0 x Fuel.
  • Join buttons are now replaced with disabled 'Server Full' buttons instead of disappearing when a server is full.
  • Refactored item IDs and serialization.
  • Refactored player inventory code, now uses a rudimentary component system.
  • Refactored disconnect dialogs and fixed an issue where the previous message would display if there was no specific disconnect reason.
  • API CHANGE: The 'offset' parameter has been deprecated in the 'scoreboard' endpoint because the database doesn't like it. It will be removed in ℵ42. Please use the 'offset_score' parameter instead. It will make the query return ships with score <= to the provided value. This has the side-effect of making it impossible to iterate through all the ships with low score, and will require some slightly more complex logic for subsequent queries. There are definitely ways to fix this without breaking compatibility but I doubt they're worth the effort.
  • API CHANGE: Increased the maximum value of the 'limit' parameter to 1000 on the 'scoreboard' endpoint to reduce issues with the offset change and speed up queries.

April 27, 2020: Version ℵ40++

  • Added some small optimizations to internal networking.
  • Added more diagnostics for network threads.
  • Added a fallback for when a client's IP does not match the IP that connected to the master server.
  • Moved the Germany server to a more powerful dedicated server in Poland.

April 24, 2020: Version ℵ40+

  • Added additional diagnostics for physics engine breakage.
  • Fixed vertical pushers being able to push players on ladders.
  • Fixed rubber blocks being able to increase a player's velocity with no limit.
  • Fixed rubber jumps with rotated gravity.
  • Fixed an issue with collision tracking which could cause doors to remain open, and probably caused some other problems.
  • Increased blue bot's self-knockback so they can't just rest against a ship.
  • Fixed an exploit that could potentially allow a user to control multiple characters at once.

April 23, 2020: Version ℵ40

  • Added hyper rubber and smooth glass blocks.
  • Added item launchers, new machines that can launch items at a configurable angle and speed.
  • Added silica crystals, a resource that can be obtained by killing bots. Square bots in Canary drop larger amounts.
  • Added hyper rubber, a resource that can be obtained by destroying large rubber balls that spawn in the pits.
  • Replaced the physics engine for what should be the actual final time:
    • Fixes inaccurate point/bbox queries. This will unfortunately break any contraptions that relied on this bug.
    • Fixes bodies at velocity/under high force tunneling through static objects.
    • Should fix other serious physics glitches (teleporting, stacking). Will require more testing to confirm this.
    • Should not substantially impair performance, and appears to improve performance in some cases.
  • Expando-Box resize checks are now run immediately on loading items into them.
  • Expando-Box friction has been reverted to the default amount of friction.
  • Slightly increased the area checked by loaders to include the entire square on both sides.
  • Slightly optimized drawing images in the renderer.
  • Increased the bounds checked when testing if an item can be dropped.
  • Player limits will now vary based on server hardware capabilities.
  • Changed the appearance of build previews to actually show most objects, changed the preview color to green.

April 6, 2020: Version ℵ39++

  • Further reduced the size of the initial javascript chunk.
  • Improvements to game code protection and anticheat.
  • Optimized sprite buffer copying.
  • Added eyebrows.

March 31, 2020: Version ℵ39+

  • Significantly reduced the amount of memory used to store sprite data in the renderer.
  • Mod imports no-longer delete all files. (Suggested by mojo)
  • Enabled code splitting, which should help initial load times.
  • Hopefully stopped account merging code from doing strange and bad things.
  • Gave coolsnake303 access to the servers to optimize the physics.

March 27, 2020: Version ℵ39

  • Redrew player sprites and added colors.
  • Character appearance can be customized in the starting menu. Requires being logged in on a linked account.
  • Added a modding system for graphical mods. Can be accessed via the settings menu.
  • Added chat bubbles that appear over the heads of players. (Suggested by 33333#6753 and others.)
  • Added options to hide chat messages and bubbles. Can be found at the bottom of the chat window. (Suggested by /u/POTATO_999 and a deleted Discord user(?))
  • Added a custom color picker so we don't need to use whatever cruft the browser/os provides.
  • Added text that shows the current server to the lower right side of the screen.
  • Slightly increased the precision of networked positions to a value that lines up with pixel coordinates better.
  • Fixed the styling of the test warning message.
  • Fixed inventory desync on rejoining.
  • Converted ship rename UI to use new modal system.
  • Made some changes to the starting menu UI.
  • Moved player join information out of cookies. Should prevent some weird issues when joining with multiple tabs.
  • The camera is now aligned to pixels at the default zoom level. Should make sprites look less awful.
  • Added a maximum size and health to overworld drop crates.

March 4, 2020: Version ℵ38+

  • Added to prohibited activities in TOS.
  • Added clarifications to account dialog:
    • Usernames are not the same as in-game display names.
    • Added warnings about using temporary email addresses and require a confirmation for emails on uncommon domains.
  • Fixed issues with invites not working or showing an invite message when they shouldn't.
  • Increased the per-address connection limit.

March 2, 2020: Version ℵ38

  • Added linked accounts, which are logins linked to third party services.
    • The login system should safely convert anonymous accounts to linked accounts.
    • Using linked accounts is recommended for increased security and account recovery capabilities.
    • Discord and Google are the currently supported third party services. More may be added in the future based on demand.
  • Added public API endpoint for top scores: GET
  • Adjusted the menu theme. Menus are slightly darker and some menus that draw over other menus are now opaque.
  • Refactored and restyled the settings menu.
  • Edits to ship MOTDs are now logged in Crew Control. (Suggested by Arkanic)

February 6, 2020: Version ℵ37++

  • Improvements to anti-cheat systems.

February 5, 2020: Version ℵ37+

  • Added some more information to the debug screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the rendering code would try to render empty sprite batches.
  • Enabled serving assets through cloudflare.

January 31, 2020: Version ℵ37

  • Added server portals in Sparrow that can be used to move between servers. Using these will force players to reconnect and respawn.
  • Adjustments to the item interaction system:
    • Using an item now always has top priority. This means that the default action when clicking on an ejector or recycler will be to use your item on it.
    • Building and destructing objects are now considered "continuous" actions. This means building and destructing can be preformed much more quickly when holding the mouse down.
  • Clicking a door or spawn now opens a context menu to change permissions, to prevent accidental changes. (Suggested by SkySea and Mr. X)
  • Adjusted player spawn logic. Players will no longer spawn on helms if no spawn is available; instead, they will spawn at a random position. The spawn code should no longer try to spawn players inside of walkways or doors.
  • Fixed the checkbox in the loader UI getting desynced from the loader's state.
  • Adjusted the bundling and caching strategy to speed up load times. Assets will now use hash-based names. The files with their original names can still be found in the /img/ directory.
  • Sending chat messages is now limited to 1 message per second.
  • Crew control now logs when a hatch's settings are changed. (Suggested by dhayi)
  • Added some performance timing info to the debug screen.
  • Implemented some renderer optimizations. These won't have a huge impact on performance. Will try to make more progress in future updates.

January 17, 2020: Version ℵ36

  • Renamed the game to "Dredark". This is sure to be controversial, but I wasn't too attached to the old name. This is similar enough to the old name to be familiar, but is more unique (not a mispelling of a name used for another game). It will take some time to complete this process.
  • Lots of back-end work in preparation for accounts, global leaderboards, and moving ships between servers. These things will actually drop in the coming updates.
  • Improved security of anonymous accounts.
  • Attempting to join a ship that has been saved or loaded since refreshing the list should now actually work most of the time.
  • Captains can now join their saved ships via invite links.
  • Changed the format of invite links. Old links should continue working.
  • The rate limit on creating/loading ships has been slightly adjusted, and is now a single global limit that applies to all servers.
  • Increased the capacity of Expando-Boxes from 16 thousand to 1 million items.
  • Halved the time to craft tools (wrench, repair, shredder, pusher) to 5 seconds.
  • Halved the crafting time and cost of recyclers.
  • Increased the crafting time for anchors to 20 seconds.
  • Items ejected from ships should no longer push other ships if they can be picked up immediately.
  • Added fuel to blue bot drop table. (Suggested by mega KOT)
  • Added an option to lock fabricator resource slots to their currently filled material. (Suggested by R3G3N3R4T0R and Mr. X)
  • Increased the size of checkbox inputs and made them behave more consistently.
  • Crew Control no longer logs kick attempts when the player is already offline, and no longer attempts to promote/demote players to a rank they already hold.
  • Adjustments to Crew Control Logging:
    • Doubled the amount of messages saved in scrollback.
    • Repeated actions will now be combined in the log.
    • Direct usage of stations is no-longer logged. Usage of Helms, RC Turrets, Recyclers, and Ejectors is still logged.
    • Use of Embiggeners is now logged.
    • Use of shield boosters is now logged.
    • Teleports between zones are now logged.
    • Player joins and leaves are now logged.
    • Saves and loads are now logged, including saves triggered by empty ships and server shutdowns.
    • Kicks, Bans, and Un-Bans are now logged.
    • Promotions and demotions are now logged.

December 4, 2019: Version ℵ35+

  • Thruster Rebalance:
    • Reduced the thrust provided by starter thrusters. The free thrust they provide favors smaller ships.
    • Reduced the thrust provided by thrusters in perpendicular directions to their facing direction. This should nerf some of the more cheesy designs.
    • Ship mass now scales proportional to perimeter. This is extremely weird unless you assume the ships are hollow boxes, but it's what get when you're obsessed with the idea that bigger ships should always be better. I might include accurate mass calculations that take ship contents into account in the future, but it isn't a priority and would only make this more difficult.
    • Lowered the force/acceleration limit. I suspect this is a more important parameter to tweak than speed, since it contributes to maneuverability and the ability to bully ships by pushing them around.
    • Lowered the maximum speed from 100 to 60. Again, I question whether speed is really the important factor, and I'd like to play around with it, but that's not something I have time to do.
  • Reduced Slug Ammo damage by 25%.
  • Reduced treasure tile HP by 60%.
  • Reduced world tile HP by 100 HP.
  • Increased maximum chat/comms message length to 300 characters.
  • Fixed alphabetic sorting of saved ships.
  • Fixed some serious issues with burst turret fire-rate and burst/auto bullet spread.
  • Hopefully fixed an audio performance issue.
  • System fonts are now used, both for text in the DOM and for rendered text.
  • Attacking ships now have priority when picking up drops from damaged ships. Other ships will be unable to pick up the drops for a short time.
  • Made prediction corrections more aggressive. Not sure if this is a good or bad idea.
  • Loaders now contribute 50 points to ship combat rating.

November 27, 2019: Version ℵ35

New Content

Inventory Enhancements

Balance Adjustments

Graphical Enhancements


Misc Enhancements

Bug Fixes

  • Added placable thrusters:
    • The old cosmetic thruster have been coverted to "Starter Thrusters". They have blue flames and require no fuel. They can be moved, but there probably isn't a good reason to move them.
    • Placable thrusters can be crafted in machine fabricators. These thrusters require either explosives or craftable fuel.
    • Both speed and acceleration in a given direction are dependent on the number of thrusters. Larger ships will move slower and may not be able to stay airborne without enough thrusters, but this has been balanced fairly forgivingly.
    • Fuel can be crafted in munitions fabricators. It provides the same amount of thrust as explosives, but lasts longer.
    • Booster fuel provides a thruster with a short burst of power. Both kinds can be crafted in munitions fabricators.
  • The test server's "Sandbox Build Mode" should now retain items in more situations, such as dropping items or loading them into inventories.
  • When an inventory slot is emptied, the game will attempt to refill that slot from another slot of the same type.
  • Items in the inventory can now be dragged between slots, or out of the inventory to throw/drop them.
  • When dragging items, SHIFT can be held to split stacks.
  • Increased build range by 1.5 tiles and disabled build LOS restrictions. LOS restrictions for item use are still in effect.
  • Increased explosives drop-rate by 10%. Decreased metal drop-rate by 5%.
  • World tile health decreased by 30%.
  • Treasure tile health increased by approximately 10 times the previous value.
  • Breaker ammo has been replaced with slug ammo. It no longer breaks tiles and has a decreased fire-rate. It is intended to be used as a deterrent/area denial in combat, but will probably need more work in the future.
  • Improved tile destruction rendering.
  • Added new edge rendering for some tile types.
  • Redrew some tile images.
  • Improved thruster fire rendering.
  • Added smoothed background gradients to overworld zones.
  • Switched the positions of the local player arrow and name, made the player name less likely to jitter, and recolored the arrow.
  • Added font families for text rendering to be used before falling back on the browser's sans-serif font.
  • Optimized the network prediction system. Attempts to reduce redundant simulations by checking and correcting predicted values.
  • Optimized the way ray cast results are handled. Should reduce lag on ships with lots of pushers or expando-boxes.
  • Added information about crafting multiples of 8 to the crafting menu.
  • Improved the way tooltips are added to the crafting UI, which should prevent odd behavior.
  • Increased the sign limit from 32 to 50.
  • Slightly increased the max player and ship limits. I'm not upgrading the servers until after this update lands, so hopefully nothing catastrophic happens.
  • Added a more informative message when servers shut down for updates.
  • The "Demote Self" button now demotes to Guest, to help combat abuse.
  • Saved ships are now ordered alphabetically.
  • Fixed items being deleted when removed from turrets and ejectors if no space is available nearby.
  • Fixed noclipped ships colliding with objects after being resized.
  • Fixed UI updates causing closed UIs to re-open.
  • Moved the ejection distance for items knocked out of ships by damage closer to the ship, to prevent them from glitching into the world.
  • Fixed names with RTL overrides when they appear in the scoreboard.
  • Fixed fabricator queues not being saved.
  • Building on ship exteriors is now blocked, even if players escape the ship.
  • Fixed the name generator generating obscene names, for real this time.

October 30, 2019: Version ℵ34++

  • Fixed broken alpha blending causing the menu background to bleed through the game canvas.
  • Fixed a problem with the video ad code.

October 28, 2019: Version ℵ34+

  • Added additional countermeasures against item duplication and adjusted some admin tools.
  • Adjusted the crafting tooltip so it is always displayed above the queue.
  • Added label to Freeport Anchor.

October 24, 2019: Version ℵ34

  • Redesigned the crafting menu. It now looks nicer, is easier to use, and functions similarly to craft/build systems in some other games. Items can be crafted in multiples of 8 by holding SHIFT.
  • Some aspects of the crafting menu's styling were suggested by Discord user Edwin#4432.
  • Added a "Repeat Queue" option to fabricators.
  • Added Freeport Anchor blocks, which prevent teleports out of safe zones if placed.
  • Fixed a bug where fabricators would show the incorrect output item when the output was blocked.
  • Changed the effect used to indicate a ship is in noclip mode.

October 14, 2019: Version ℵ33++

  • Adjusted the Canary mission zone:
    • Increased the size of the central block.
    • Tripled the number of square bots.
    • Significantly increased the health of square bots.
    • Square bots will now activate after taking any amount of damage.
  • Adjusted treasure amounts in mission zones.
  • Simplified and improved fabricator material insertion logic.
  • The team list in the starting menu is now cleared upon returning via the "Exit Ship" button.
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed fractional crafting jobs to be added to fabricators.

October 11, 2019: Version ℵ33+

  • Renamed "Item Ejector" to "Cargo Ejector".
  • Fixed ship spawn system spawning ships in Sparrow.

October 8, 2019: Version ℵ33

New Content


Combat Balance


  • Added item loaders, which can load/unload items from machines and boxes.
    • Will fill turrets more slowly than other objects. Might remove or adjust this restriction in the future.
    • Can use the same filters as cargo hatches, and can be set to not drop items when no inventory is available.
  • Added a mission system which starts a new mission zone every 45 minutes. Missions last for 15 minutes. Mission zones contain large deposits of loot that can be fought over.
  • Converted the pits to a mission zone.
  • Added Canary, a mission zone dedicated to mining. Includes square bots which are dangerous, especially at close range.
  • Added an "Exit Ship" button. Exiting a ship and disconnecting no longer require a page refresh in most cases.
  • Added very basic CCD to the physics engine and tweaked settings to prevent high velocity items from tunneling through walls. Thanks to Monty for reporting bugs with this.
  • Disabled an old, buggy hack that was used to prevent players tunneling through floors.
  • Adjusted ship creation rate limit so saving a ship will reduce the limit.
  • Enlarged and moved ship health bars so turrets don't draw over them.
  • Added 1000HP segments to health bars.
  • Fixed issues with deleted item boxes not being removed from a ship's pickup queue. Capped the number of items in the notification to 10.
  • Ships with an excessive combat rating now have their damage and punch force against ships reduced. There is zero reduction at 2500 rating and full reduction at 3000 rating. Fire rate will no longer be limited.
  • Increased burst turret ammo capacity to 32.
  • Decreased punch/yank ammo damage by 50%.
  • Recolored logistics items a purple color.
  • Decreased item friction to 0.3. Increased Expando-Box friction to 0.1.
  • Improvements to Cheat Menu and related UIs:
    • Added an "Item History" section for spawning recently spawned items.
    • Added "Sandbox Build" mode, which allows using items instantly and won't use up items in many cases.
    • Item picker dropdowns now display "No Results" instead of disappearing when there are no results.
    • Item picker dropdowns now support navigation via up/down arrow keys.
    • Buttons in the cheat menu no longer retain focus.
  • Improved server shutdown procedure. Should run faster and better ensure ships are saved.
  • Fixed captain's log player highlighting not unhighlighting the old player.
  • Fixed some exploits with bidirectional text. Some issues might remain but the worst should be dealt with.
  • Improved the way game objects are stored.
  • Added missing changelog entries from back to version ℵ4.

September 21, 2019: Version ℵ32+

  • Switched to Font Awesome for icons.
  • Added social media icons to the footer.
  • Switched back to the old ad network for preroll ads.

September 19, 2019: Version ℵ32

  • Refactored and adjusted bot behavior:
    • Bots will no longer target ships hidden behind walls.
    • Bots now use the same movement system as ships and pushers, and generally move around more.
    • Bots now respawn at set intervals instead of immediately.
    • Adjusted bot loot logic so smaller bots drop more.
    • Blue bots are now much smaller on average.
    • Blue bot knockback was significantly decreased.
    • Blue bots now slightly damage themselves on hitting a ship.
    • Green Bot health increased to 3000.
    • Green Bots now shoot less bullets per burst, but fire more frequent bursts.
    • Green Bots now more actively try to flee ships.
  • Improvements to captain's log:
    • Recent logs are now saved, and previous entries can be viewed by captains who join afterwards.
    • Session IDs are no longer shown. Instead, clicking on a log entry will highlight a row in the player list.
    • The log now displays an icon next to each entry.
  • Overworld item boxes will now merge together if they contain the same item type.
  • Increased the hitpoints of ship wall blocks.
  • Added two additional portals to the pits.
  • Renamed items of the form "Packaged x" to "x (Packaged)".
  • Added a 4x4 world block minimum bounds when searching for a ship spawn point, and increased the maximum number of retries when searching for a spawn point.
  • Ships will no-longer shrink under 8x8 ship tiles when shot.

September 15, 2019: Version ℵ31+

  • Pusher beams can now go through item nets.
  • Improved the way angles are networked and slightly increased their precision.
  • Increased the fire-rate penalty for ships with excessive ratings to 100%.
  • Critical ships now have a 33% speed penalty instead of a 50% acceleration penalty.

September 12, 2019: Version ℵ31

  • Added colored panels. The color can be selected with R, or copied from another colored panel.
  • Optimized prediction system. No longer runs redundant prediction steps every frame.
  • Adjusted luma calculation, which controls the color of text borders.
  • Added a new rarity level for very rare items.
  • Fixed damage values being reset when resizing ships.
  • Fixed players being kicked when resizing the game window.

September 5, 2019: Version ℵ30

  • Added stationary pushers, which function similarly to hand-held pushers.
    • Can be set to push or pull objects, or do nothing.
    • Can use filter similar to hatches, to override its action for a set of items.
    • Crafted using flux crystals.
  • Added signs, which can display short messages inside your ship (suggested by Mustard, Trash Soup, Tick, USS Apollo 11).
  • Added flux crystals, a crafting ingredient for advanced machinery. They have replaced the hand-pusher drop from green bots, and can also be obtained by recycling hand-pushers.
  • Hand-held pushers can now be crafted using flux crystals.
  • Added a limit of 32 signs per ship.
  • The Hatch and Sign UIs now size to their contents.
  • Improved render bounds for players using pushers and repair tools.
  • Improved network culling to be much more aggressive and take camera zoom into account.
  • Increased the fire-rate penalty for ships with excessive ratings to 60%.
  • Lowered expansion-based shielding to 100 per expansion (from 130).
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that would cause a generic disconnect message to be shown if a player disconnected too soon.
  • Updated some information in Help and Quick Start.

August 31, 2019: Version ℵ29+

  • Increased build speed. Blocks can now be placed/destroyed in .2 seconds, and other objects can be placed/destroyed in 1 second. Expanding/Shinking a ship now takes 1 second.
  • Decreased the cost of most ammo. Ammo recipes that crafted 3 items now craft 4.
  • Improved internal networking systems.

August 29, 2019: Version ℵ29

  • Added sloped ramp blocks, which can be built in Engineering Fabricators (suggested by discord user @Sir Dilbet).
  • Added the ability to rotate doors horizontally by pressing R (suggested by discord user @33333).
  • Improved the ship spawning algorithm. It now checks if room is available for the ship's actual dimensions, and removes blocks from the area if all else fails.
  • Appropriate physics body types are now used for all objects. This should improve performance to some extent, but could lead to issues with static objects having wrong collisions.
  • Fixed issues with texture atlas setup.
  • Increased the fire-rate penalty for ships with excessive ratings to 40%.
  • The crafting menu no longer loads and requests images on startup.

August 26, 2019: Version ℵ28++

  • Enabled sleeping in the physics engine, which is apparently not enabled by default.
  • Increased sniper ammo damage to 150/shot.
  • Increased the fire-rate penalty for ships with excessive ratings to 20%.
  • Fixed portal warning icons drawing over ships.
  • Switched to scalable vector graphics for some of the larger images, including bots, pit rocks, and portal warning signs. This should make them look slightly nicer, as well as make editing them easier, and reduce bandwidth. In the future the renderer might be improved to make them look less pixelated, but they are currently still rasterized at the same resolution.

August 23, 2019: Version ℵ28+

  • Ships with excessive ratings can now enter Finch. Their fire-rate will still be penalized.
  • Changed the portal warning image and applied it to all portals leading to Finch.
  • Increased the fire-rate penalty for ships with excessive ratings by 10%.

August 22, 2019: Version ℵ28

  • Changes to zones:
    • PvP has been re-enabled in Finch zones, and items damaged by bullets in Finch will now be ejected.
    • Rare drops have been re-enabled in Finch zones. Treasure tiles will spawn half as often in Finch zones (every 4 minutes).
    • Reduced the rare drop rate from blue bots by 50%. Red bots now drop rare items at 1/3 of this new rate.
    • Ships with a combat rating greater than 2500 will be blocked from moving from Sparrow to Finch.
    • Turret shooting speed will be reduced to effectively cap a ship's DPS if a ship's combat rating exceeds 2500 in Finch zones. This penalty is currently low to prevent abuse of large ships trapped in Finch and will be ramped up over time.
    • Sparrow has been made slightly smaller.
    • A new safe zone (Freeport III) has been attached to Sparrow.
  • Changes to critical ships:
    • Ship thrust is now significantly reduced while a ship is critical.
    • Bullets hitting critical ships now have a chance to shrink them.
  • Halved door HP.

August 20, 2019: Version ℵ27++

  • Added ship combat ratings, which are calculated as follows:
      playerCount*400 + RCTurretCount*100 + (width+height)*20
      In future updates, this rating will be used to restrict powerful ships from fighting in Finch.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause items to merge with deleted items and disappear.
  • Lowered expansion-based shielding to 130 per expansion (from 150).
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent kicked/banned players from having all their sessions kicked.
  • Fixed the server restart timer drawing under other text.

August 16, 2019: Version ℵ27+

  • Increased the speed that item hatches are able to pull in and drop out items.
  • Fixed a bug with inventory tooltips.
  • Fixed a bug involving hatch notifications that could cause the renderer to crash.

August 15, 2019: Version ℵ27

  • Increase player inventory size to 5 slots.
  • Increase the height of the pits by 5 blocks.
  • Item hatches will now accept items that can stack with items blocking them.
  • Added indicators for when items can not be picked up due to blocked hatches.
  • Improvements to crew control:
    • Ships are now private by default.
    • The crew list now displays the items held by players.
    • Invite links are now persistent. Old invites can be used after a ship has been saved and reloaded.
  • Adjusted max ship shield calculation: Significantly decreased base shields and increased size-based shielding by 50%.
  • Re-designed the starting ship layout, based on suggestions by Discord user [Union] TheRealEnder_12 and EdwinNL.
  • Fixed saved player inventories glitching together.
  • Scaled down and centered UI zone info, and scaled down UI ship health bar.
  • Minor improvements to scoreboard/team picker UI.
  • Improved crit/derelict bars.
  • Fixed start menu windows overlapping at low resolutions.
  • Added the ability to close incompatible browser warnings.
  • Decreased the size and got rid of some of the weird coloring for toolbar buttons.

August 12, 2019: Version ℵ26++

  • Fixed teams colored black breaking the server. (Yes, really!)
  • Added profiling for network data usage.

August 11, 2019: Version ℵ26+

  • Fixed a duplication bug.
  • Added an update poll.

August 10, 2019: Version ℵ26

  • Ship destruction system:
    • Critical ships no longer have a destruction timer. Instead bullets will penetrate critical ships.
    • Bullets can damage blocks and objects in ships. Bullets have a 33% chance of hitting most objects, but wall blocks and doors will always block bullets and be hit.
    • Objects destroyed by bullets have a 10% chance of being deleted. Otherwise, they will revert to item form in PvE zones, and be ejected from the ship in PvP zones.
    • Starter items will never be destroyed or ejected by bullet damage.
  • Added a craftable repair tool that can be used to repair blocks and objects inside ships.
  • Adjustments to ammo balance:
    • Reduced scatter damage by 20%. Decreased spread.
    • Reduced flak damage by 30%.
  • Increased the area available in safe zones and added more portals.
  • Added the ability to rename ships. Renames cost 10,000 points and can only be performed once per hour.
  • Reduced self-dropped box pickup delay from 30 seconds to 10 seconds.
  • Adjusted queueing behavior for command and snapshot packets. Now attempts to maintain a shorter queue, which may increase jitteriness for poor connections but should decrease latency.
  • Player inventories will be sent to their ship's item buffer if they glitch out of the ship.
  • Removed cache-busting parameter for images, which should result in less HTTP requests. It was added 3 months ago because the server's caching behavior was incorrect, but should no longer be necessary.
  • Improved render bounds for helm and pit loot signs.

August 4, 2019: Version ℵ25++

  • Added a better load balancing strategy for network workers.
  • Increased the number of network workers to 4 on main servers, decreased to 2 on test servers.
  • Increased punch/yank strength back to a usable level.
  • Adjusted map regeneration threshold to also reset if the number of empty tiles increases by 5% of the total number of tiles.

August 2, 2019: Version ℵ25+

  • Greatly decreased the spawn rate of green bots. One will now spawn every 15 minutes, as long as less than 3 exist.
  • Lowered map regeneration threshold to 80% clear blocks.

August 1, 2019: Version ℵ25

  • Fixed an exploit that allowed ships to drop starter items and trash ammo. Thanks, Jack Sparrow.
  • New damage system enabled for the overworld:
    • Destructible blocks can now be damaged by any type of player bullet.
    • Breaker ammo still destroys blocks in one hit (bonus damage is applied to blocks).
    • Treasure blocks will drop their treasure before they are fully destroyed.
  • New green bots added to Sparrow:
    • Only two will spawn at a time.
    • Move more often and are faster than other bots.
    • Have more health than other bots of the same size.
    • Fire more bullets that push objects, but do less damage.
    • Always drop two very rare items on death.
  • Changes to zone regeneration:
    • Zones will now only regenerate when 90% of the map is destroyed.
    • There will be a 10 minute delay before regenerating the map. The regeneration timer will be visible during this time.
    • Zones no longer use a fixed seed, and will generate with a new seed each regeneration.
    • The pits no longer fully regenerate. Instead, a new treasure block will spawn every 5 minutes. The map starts with a single layer of treasure blocks (5-6 per pit).
  • Changes to overworld drop boxes. These are not the final changes I intend to make, and are mostly quick fixes to help deal with unwanted drops and spam:
    • Boxes now have 300 HP.
    • Boxes have a 5 second delay before they can be damaged, to prevent accidentally damaging ship/bot drops.
    • Boxes can not be damaged by bots.
    • Box despawn time decreased from 60 minutes to 10 minutes. The despawn timer now functions as 1 HP damage inflicted every 2 seconds.
    • Ship loot droppers will pause dropping if more than 500 drops are in the world.
  • Changes to UI, etc:
    • Made join buttons green to better indicate that they should be clicked.
    • Renamed "team" to "ship" in most places, to increase clarity, and because there are several alliances with many ships.
    • Renamed "Team Manager" to "Crew Control" and switched icons to increase clarity.
    • Removed some old information from help/quick start.
  • Lowered Shield Booster use time from 3 to 2 seconds.
  • Increased recycler yield from 50% to 80%.
  • Decreased metal drop rate by 5% and increased explosives drop rate by 5%.
  • Adjusted player spawning fallback algorithm to not spawn players in solid objects.
  • Enabled starter items in the "Give Item" menu in the Cheat Menu.
  • Added block coordinates to debug info.

July 27, 2019: Version ℵ24+

  • Hatches no longer primarily pull from an internal buffer. Ships will only be able to pick up an item if there is a clear hatch for the item to spawn at. The internal hatch buffers have been preserved, but items will not be placed in the buffer in most situations.
  • Whitelisted filtered hatches (orange) will take priority over other hatches when deciding which hatch to spawn an item on, as long as one is clear.
  • Lowered the update auto-restart time to 10 minutes on the main servers.
  • Added more thorough checks for expando-box expansion, to prevent them from getting stuck and doing strange things.
  • Added countermeasures against expando-boxes glitching out of ships. Their items will be sent to the ship's hatch buffer if this happens.
  • Added countermeasures against internal networking issues that lead to very strange bugs.

July 25, 2019: Version ℵ24

  • Made new, smaller inventory UI.
  • Adjusted the way certain events are networked internally to prevent desyncs.
  • Switched to safe item spawning for block destruction.
  • Increased the number of network workers per server from 2 to 3.
  • Updated the string table used for network message compression.
  • Fixed render bounds on pit loot signs.
  • Re-adjusted the physics engine settings. Should reduce instability and some of the networking issues.
  • Removed nphysics dependencies from credits.
  • Removed reference to hammer from help screen.

July 18, 2019: Version ℵ23

  • Adjusted physics engine settings to prevent objects from sinking into each-other and preventing objects on ship hulls from being built. Should also reduce objects getting stuck on internal collider edges.
  • Changed world collider generation so areas are no longer hollow. This should prevent some clipping/other bugs and involve less colliders overall.
  • Added an extra layer of tiles to world borders, to reduce cases where objects could clip out.
  • Most objects now use the safe item spawning code used by turrets when destructed.
  • Timed actions will now cancel if the browser window is not active.
  • Added a 10 minute delay between serving video ads to a user.
  • Removed countermeasures for trash ammo spam, it can now always be crafted.
  • Trash ammo can now be placed in ejectors, but will be deleted instead of ejected. Trash ammo will not be dropped by destroyed ships.
  • Trash ammo now randomly decays. It will decay in item form and in expando-boxes. It has a half-life of roughly 10 minutes, which may be adjusted in the future.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ship controller information to be incorrectly synchronized.
  • Removed preformatted text from changelog.

July 11, 2019: Version ℵ22

  • Switched to a new physics engine, again. There may be some issues with the new engine, but overall performance should be much better.
  • Made some slight changes to player movement code to prevent bugs with the new engine.

July 4, 2019: Version ℵ21

  • Added turret controllers, which can be used to control two turrets simultaneously.
  • Adjusted treasure tile spawns. They now spawn every two minutes in Sparrow, instead of all at once when the map resets. The treasure tiles in The Pits remain unaffected.
  • Adjusted behavior of burst turrets. They now always fire 4 shots, unless they run out of ammo.
  • Expando box collision box made slightly smaller, should fit through 2-wide hallways without getting stuck now.
  • Expando box no longer displays item count when zoomed out.
  • Changing door/spawn permissions has been restricted to captains due to potential for abuse.
  • Trash ammo is no longer dropped by blue bots.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed an unlimited amount of material to be stored in fabricators.
  • Added off-screen culling to renderer, which should improve performance when many ships are in an area.
  • Fabricators now have simplified, low-lod rendering when zoomed out, due to the large amount of them in some ships and the complex rendering code.

June 20, 2019: Version ℵ20

  • Added a cheat menu which can be accessed by team captains on the test server (<a target="_blank" href=""></a>).
  • Added Expando Boxes, which can be used for bulk item storage.
    • As the name implies, will expand to the size of its contents.
    • Uses half the space of stacked items.
    • Slides easily along the ground.
  • Fixed a duplication bug involving ship loot generated by player inventories. Thanks dhayi, skuolls, and hasitha for testing/reporting.
  • The duplication bug fix combined with changes to item pickup code will likely remove 0x item stacks. Sorry to anyone who was collecting them.

June 14, 2019: Version ℵ19

  • Filters can now be applied to item hatches.
  • Adjusted loot drops. Red bots now only drop resources. Blue bots drop ammo and rare items. All rare items (RC/Burst/Auto) now have the same drop chance.
  • Item shredders are now craftable again. Old shredders will be made "golden" to compensate for their previous rare status.
  • Moved item hatch and ejector to machine fabricator's recipe list.
  • Increased wrench and shredder craft time & cost.
  • Shredding rare/starter items is no longer restricted to captains. Instead, these items will take longer to shred.
  • Timeout for picking up items ejected from your own ship has increased to 30 seconds. This is intended to counter potential attempts to abuse hatch filters to move items within a ship.
  • Added link whitelist to the profanity filter.
  • Disabled the warning about blocks blocking actions.
  • Mouse release events are no longer blocked, which fixes an issue with sliders in firefox and might resolve some other weird behavior.
  • Escape key presses are now always captured by the input system, which should simplify some of the garbage UI code.

June 9, 2019: Version ℵ18++

  • Fixed issue with actions through walls and doors not being blocked properly, slightly extended the range that walkways can be reached through.

June 8, 2019: Version ℵ18+

  • Items inside of walkways should now be accessible. Actions on objects on the other side of walkways are still blocked.
  • Slightly increased object use range.
  • Several small fixes to styling and menu HTML.

June 7, 2019: Version ℵ18

  • Added three different fabricator types for crafting specific kinds of items. The old generic fabricators are now legacy fabricators and can transition into any of the new types.
  • Added a minimap, which replaces the inventory UI when zoomed out. It only shows locations of portals and of your ship.
  • Adjusted crafting time/recipes of many items. Lowered the crafting time of shield boosters and blocks, and lowered the cost of shield boosters.
  • Item nets can no longer be built on top of. Any stations on item nets will be destructed.
  • Wall blocks and doors above a user's rank will now prevent them from using objects on the other side.
  • Blue bots now apply a force proportional to object mass on hit. They should no longer launch small ships out of the map.
  • Now using Preact to render UIs. Currently only used for scoreboards, but will extend to other UI components in the future.
  • Hopefully fixed parts of the crafting UI drawing over each-other at low resolutions.

June 3, 2019: Version ℵ17++

  • Updates to advertising code.

May 31, 2019: Version ℵ17+

  • Fixed issues with bounding box queries that allowed players to jump in midair.

May 31, 2019: Version ℵ17

  • Added walkway blocks, which players can stand on but items fall through.
  • Added item net blocks, which block items but not players.
  • Destroyed ships will now respawn in a random spawn Zone (either Finch I or Finch II).
  • Team manager now sorts users by online/offline status, then rank, then playtime.
  • Added a profanity filter which filters user/team names, chat/comms messages, and team MOTDs. It can be made less aggressive in the user settings. It can technically be disabled completely, but you should probably just use external communications if you don't want to deal with it.
  • Chatting and using the Comms station will now reset the AFK timer. Editing the MOTD should also now reset the timer, as long as you are actively typing.
  • Made some adjustments to world colliders that should improve performance somewhat.
  • Adjusted the way active UI elements are handled, which should allow more elements in sub-menus to be focused, and should de-focus elements when the game view is clicked.
  • Replaced the volume bar with a slider input that can be adjusted with the keyboard if desired.
  • Fixed a bug that caused ship mass to compound when expanded or shrunk.

May 21, 2019: Version ℵ16+

  • The physics tickrate was restored to its previous value. Mitigations for "physics tunneling" were adjusted:
    • Max speed for objects in ships was lowered to 30m/s from 40m/s.
    • Items that glitch out of ships will be returned to the ship's item buffer.
  • Updated help with correct information about derelict timers.
  • Fixed styling on chat. Width should now be constant and close buttons shouldn't draw over other UIs.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed blocked fabricators to drop items immediately after loading a save.

May 17, 2019: Version ℵ16

  • Added a settings menu with an option to backup/restore account keys, and a volume control. Includes a profanity filter setting which is currently non-functional.
  • Adjusted styling of windows and UI elements.
  • Changed derelict timer duration. Now runs for 30 seconds in safe zones and 5 minutes in all other zones.
  • All ships that complete the derelict timer will now be saved instead of destroyed, regardless of zone. Note that this is not a recommended method of saving.
  • When selecting an RC turret to fire, turrets with the more ammo should now be prioritized.
  • Rare loot is now only obtainable in PvP zones. Treasure block spawn rate has been slightly increased.
  • Overworld rooms/passages have been made wider in PvP zones, and slightly wider in non-pvp zones.
  • Added a minimum ship size (4x4 ship blocks).
  • Lowered damage dealt by blue bots.
  • Doubled tick-rate of physics simulations.
  • Capped velocity of objects inside ships to 40m/s.
  • Objects that glitch out of ships will be deleted, or respawned if a player.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug which caused world physics to not be generated by clients.
  • Fixed a bug in the physics engine which caused severe performance degradation over time.
  • Disabled item cursors and mouse-over object names when zoomed out.

May 7, 2019: Version ℵ15+

  • Fixed players not being detected by physics queries.
  • Fixed some performance issues with the way vectors are retrieved from the new physics engine.
  • Fixed players being able to damage each-other in PvE zones with sniper rounds. (Thanks Skuolls, ljoi, jjpthekiller, and Reetus for reporting this!)
  • Boxes dropped by destroyed ships now have a delay before they can be picked up.

May 6, 2019: Version ℵ15

  • Added item ejector, which takes 3 seconds to eject a stack from the ship. This can not eject starter items or trash ammo.
  • Disabled PvP damage in "Finch" zones.
  • Added zone "Sparrow". Is larger than "Finch" zones. PvP damage is enabled in this zone.
  • Added new bot variants that do contact damage, which can be found in the "Sparrow" zone.
  • Renamed zone "Hydrovia" to "The Pits". Updated boulder sprite. PvP damage is still enabled in this zone.
  • Added Doors and Spawn Points to random loot table.
  • Removed crafting recipe for shredder. It will still be obtainable as a random drop until next update.
  • Overworld drops dropped by players have a 3 second delay before they can be picked up by their dropper.
  • Overworld drops dropped by bots now have a random velocity applied to them.
  • Implemented a new scoring system that deducts points when items are dropped. All scores have been reset.
  • Crew can now edit door and spawn ranks. Door and spawn ranks now default to the rank of their builder.
  • The R key can now be used as a shortcut for secondary item actions.
  • Added ship shield/crit bar to the HUD.
  • Adjusted fabricator appearance. The material display now appears on the right side, so manufactured items shouldn't block it. The orientation of this display is now consistent with the UI.
  • Renderer optimized, it should be about 4 times faster.
  • Switched from box2d to nphysics for physics, which appears to be about 30% faster in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to jump any time their feet were inside of doors.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to cram many items into a small space by disconnecting.
  • Added twitter link to main page.
  • The credits page now contains a much more comprehensive list of libraries and their licenses.

April 20, 2019: Version ℵ14+

  • Fixed save issues with Recyclers.

April 20, 2019: Version ℵ14

  • Added Ship Shrinkinators.
  • Added Comms Stations.
  • Added Rank-Restricted Spawn Points. New spawn logic works as follows:
    1. Attempt to spawn the player at a random spawn point exactly matching their rank.
    2. Attempt to spawn the player at a random helm.
    3. Attempt to spawn the player in a 1x2 space without solid blocks.
  • Added Rank-Restricted Doors.
  • Added Recycling Station. Returns approximately 50% resources used to craft items. Does not work on uncraftable items.
  • Added new rare drops.
  • Added a "Demote Self" option to Team Manager, which can be used to remove a saved ship from your menu.
  • Ammo Rebalancing:
    • All ammo types except trash and breaker now craft 3 shots per craft.
    • Sniper ammo has been slowed and has reduced damage (same as standard).
    • Breaker ammo has increased speed and is cheaper, but has slightly reduced damage (twice standard).
  • Adjusted drop logic so turrets can't be used to store infinite ammo/turrets. More objects will likely be switched to this new drop logic in the future.
  • Rare drop rate from bots was greatly increased.
  • Metal drop rate from bots was decreased by 5%.
  • Embiggeners are no longer restricted to captains.
  • Updated item hatch, turret base, packaged helm, and shredder sprites.
  • MOTD text should now wrap properly instead of scrolling horizontally.
  • Chat text should now wrap properly instead of being hidden.
  • Ships now have a higher base shield HP, and receive less HP bonus for increased size.
  • Fixed lag causing crafting, inventory, and audio events to be ignored by the client.
  • Fixed saved ships being displayed when using an invite link.
  • Fixed chat messages intended for a single person being sent to all players on a team.
  • Improved changelog formatting.

April 11, 2019: Version ℵ13

  • Persistence:
    • All ships are now saved.
    • Captains can now use a button in the team manager to kick all players and save their ship when in a safe zone.
    • Derelict ships in safe zones will also still save.
    • Ships are auto-saved every ten minutes (in case of crashes) and upon timed restarts.
    • Saves will eventually be deleted if too old, or on game-wide resets. I will decide what the conditions are for deletion soon.
  • Team Manager Updates:
    • Added Team MOTD boxes which can be edited by captains (suggested by discord user @33333).
    • Many internal changes made for persistent saves.
    • Auto-Promotion has been globally disabled.
    • "Invited" rank changed to "Crew". Invited players will have their rank set to "Crew".
    • Captains now have sub-ranks, so that a captain will be able to demote a captain they promoted.
    • Captains can freely promote/demote players between Guest, Crew, and Captain.
    • Added the ability to kick players without banning them.
    • Removed confirmation dialogs for rank changes, bans, and unbans.
    • Unbanned players are no longer automatically set to "Invited"/"Crew".
    • Added a notification about the team manager that is shown when a captain is first promoted.
    • Guests can no longer join a team set to "Private"/"Invite Only", even if they have previously joined.
    • The team manager will now show at most 8 sessions/names per player. Online sessions are prioritized.
    • Removed captain icons that appeared above captain's heads.
    • Adjusted styling for developer names in game and in chat.
  • Test server operational, added notifications and a separate server list.
  • Safe zones now have 4 portals each, to prevent blockage.
  • Teams now have their scores reset to zero on destruction, instead of halved.
  • Teams now have 4 digit randomly generated hex codes to help tell similarly named teams apart.
  • Added a cap of 50 stacks of trash ammo. It will be less likely to successfully craft as you approach this cap.
  • Map regeneration time increased to 4-6 hours.
  • Fixed networking issue that caused mass-disconnects.
  • Fixed bug that allowed players to delete items with no shredder.
  • Fixed bugs with player inventory display not updating.
  • Added better disconnect messages.
  • Embiggeners are now restricted to team captains due to potential for abuse and lack of a way to undo them.
  • Added a 4 connection limit per IP, and rate limited joins per IP.
  • Added a limit of 3 new/loaded teams per IP, and 1 new/loaded team per IP per 10 minutes after that.
  • Improved handling of mouse button releases.
  • Bots should no longer target deleted ships.

April 11, 2019: Version ℵ12+

   (Originally released April 1, but rolled back due to severe network issues.)
  • Added special starting items, which have a blue outline. These are functionally identical to their counterparts, except it will be impossible to transfer them to other ships.
  • Only captains and admins can shred rare items and starting items.
  • Added a multi-slot player inventory. Currently has three slots, but may be increased or decreased in the future.
  • Added Hydrovia.
  • Increased explosive drop rate by 10%, and decreased metal drop rate by 10%.
  • Adjusted ship thrust. Larger ships still have increased thrust, but it does not increase linearly with mass. Larger ships will handle more sluggishly.
  • Halved turret crafting time - they're pretty useless compared to RCs and more advanced weapons I intend to add down the line.
  • Ships can now drop their blocks as loot.
  • Changed "GM" to "Dev" in chat, team manager, etc.
  • Increased server query timeout in menu, and made it switch query ports on each query. This is still really crummy code, but it should break less often.
  • Kicked players now have their connections closed properly. This should help me get to the bottom of network issues.
  • Fabricator job progress now resets when cancelling jobs, fixing an exploit and a graphical glitch.

March 30, 2019: Version ℵ12

  • Added server selector. Invites and cookies should now work with any server. Will try to get a European server set up soon.
  • Non-safe zones now regenerate every 3-4 hours. Their layout and portals will remain the same, but minable treasure blocks will spawn in different locations.
  • Saved ships now have a [SAVED] label in the start menu, and don't count toward the team count.
  • Saving ships no longer deducts points.
  • Added a 5 minute AFK kick timer.
  • Added server lag countermeasures. Ships using more than 30% of a tick's time will tick and send network updates more slowly.
  • Restored RC Turret aim angle reverted to previous, wider limit.
  • Removed all ship friction. This should help allow smaller ships escape being rammed into walls.
  • Changed player collider in an attempt to improve platforming physics. Not sure it made any difference.
  • Tried to make edge work and gave up. Added a warning for edge and safari users.
  • Fixed at least one of the issues that was crashing the server.

March 26, 2019: Version ℵ11

  • Added a new Freeport zone. The zone graph was updated such that Freeport zones only connect to single Finch zones.
  • The Team Manager now attempts to detect aliases by IP and ban by IP.
  • The Team Manager now sorts all online players before all offline players.
  • The Team Manager can now be closed using the Escape key.
  • Many adjustments to object and item interactions:
    • Placement / Destruct rates increased for all objects and blocks, as well as shredders and embiggeners.
    • Selection boxes are now the correct size. I have no earthly idea why they were half as wide as they should have been.
    • Line of sight checks on building now actually work.
    • Line of sight checks now only check for walls and won't be blocked by items.
    • All blocks, including ladders, now properly block buildings.
    • Use distance is now calculated by the distance to the edge of an object, rather than the distance to the center.
    • Custom cursors added for wrench, shredder, and shield booster. Modified embiggener cursor to show distance.
    • Reasons for use failure are now only displayed when attempting to use an unusable object and should be more descriptive.
    • Objects are now generally usable while holding items.
    • Holding left click is no longer required to use items with a use duration.
    • To cancel an action, right click or drop the item.
    • Right clicking now opens a menu that lets you select which action to perform.
    • Embiggener axis is now a per-player setting that is independent of individual embiggener items.
  • Added new derelict logic that allows high scoring ships to be saved:
    • Ships that go fully derelict in Freeport or another safe zone, and have 10,000 points or more will be saved.
    • This is NOT hard persistence. These saved ships will not survive server restarts or crashes; however, I will try to provide even more advance warning of restarts.
    • Saved ships will be removed from the world and their objects will stop being processed. Their health will not passively regenerate.
    • Saved ships will have their scores halved. The 10,000 point requirement is only checked before this deduction.
    • Saved ships will be hidden from the in-game scoreboard, but will still be visible to anyone allowed to join in the starting menu.
  • Any loot dropped by derelict ships in safe zones will be sent to ajoining non-safe zones.
  • Pressing the Escape key should now close chat in all situations. The "Send" button in the chat dialog now actually works.
  • Vertical expansion with embiggeners should no longer break Helms or Fabricators.
  • Fixed ships dropping stacks of metal larger than 16.
  • Ships can no longer teleport within 3 seconds of spawning. This should prevent accidental teleports when spawning near a portal.
  • RC turrets now have the correct rarity color on overworld drops in all cases.
  • RC Turrets now have a reduced (~90 degree) aim limit angle, and are less likely to fire if their target isn't within the limit. This is intended to make them easier to control.
  • Made the fabricator larger and made its build box consistent with its bounding box.
  • Added admin cheats so I can admin abuse properly.
  • Updated captain icon, player, wrench, shredder, and thruster sprites.
  • Prevented turrets from being able to shoot forever if their ammo is bugged.

March 16, 2019: Version ℵ10+

  • Added information about portals to Help.
  • Removed the new starting items from ship loot drops.
  • Prevented worlds from getting frozen while searching for spawn positions.
  • Ships now have a maximum size of 80x80 blocks, or 10x10 overworld blocks.
  • Ship loot now spawns on portals.
  • Lowered shield regen rate down to a constant amount per second. Large ships were able to regen several hundred DPS, making them essentially invulnerable.
  • Invite URLs and other security keys changed from 64 character hex to 24 character base64.

March 14, 2019: Version ℵ10

  • Added multiple overworld zones and portals that connect them.
    • Finch I & II are the same as the old overworld, but are slightly smaller.
    • Freeport I is a small, empty safe zone. There are no bots and weapons are disabled.
  • Adjusted the starting ship layout. Now includes a small upper deck where drops are deposited, two shield boosters, and ammo has been moved next to turrets.
  • Many changes to bullets and different ammo types:
    • All ammo types except Sniper can no longer damage the shooter. This should make Breaker bullets less annoying to use.
    • All ammo types except Standard now have a 100% increased delay between shots. This should make Standard Ammo more viable. This delay may be reduced depending on feedback.
    • Both Flak and Scatter ammo have 50% increased lifetime and 300% increased spread. This should make Scatter more interesting and slightly viable for crowd control at long range, and should make Flak much more viable.
    • Flak ammo's 50% damage penalty on it's initial projectile has been removed.
    • Trash ammo now has the same damage as standard ammo. It's DPS remains the same as before.
    • Breaker ammo now properly destroys walls if it spawns inside a wall.
  • Blocks in the overworld can now be mined for items.
    • Normal blocks have a 25% chance to drop a stack of metal.
    • Blocks with white diamonds drop rare items.
  • Rare item drop rate from enemies has been halved.
  • Ships now regenerate shields (health) at 1% per second.
  • Ship acceleration is now constant, it no longer depends on ship size. This is a stopgap to make larger ships more viable.
  • Per-ship interval between RC cannon shots was greatly reduced.
  • Improved ship embiggener sprite.
  • Renamed ship repair kit to ship shield booster. Redrew sprite.
  • Overworld Item drop despawn time has been increased to 1 hour.
  • Team Manager player list can now be scrolled horizontally if needed.

March 6, 2019: Version ℵ9+

  • Doubled resolution of all sprites.
  • Made various small changes to a number of sprites.
  • Made the selected row in the crafting menu more distinct.
  • Doubled the precision of networked positions.
  • Lots of small improvements to the way GameMasters are handled by the Team Manager.
  • Fixed turret names in Team Manager logs.
  • Now testing multiple networking threads on the server. This is yet another thing that hopefully won't cause the server to crater.
  • Made ship loot drops more interesting.
  • Current item UI has been converted to HTML. This was mainly done so Chrome's translation system can translate it.

March 2, 2019: Version ℵ9

  • Re-Plumbed, refactored, and simplified the master script. Hopefully didn't break anything.
  • Fixed bug in Firefox that caused the chatbox to be focused after it was closed.
  • Added team management system and a Captain rank. See Help for more information.
  • Adjusted drop rates:
    • Overall drop rate slightly decreased.
    • Explosives drop rate slightly increased.
    • Random item drop rate significantly decreased. (It was WAY higher than I thought it was!)
    • RC Turret drop rate increased by 50%.
  • Loading materials into the fabricator now plays the reload sound.
  • Changed turret ammo displays, again.
  • Added unofficial wiki link. Thanks, Redbonky!

February 25, 2019: Version ℵ8++

  • Fixed issue with random names on first visit.
  • Fixed issues with link elements getting focused while ingame.
  • Fixed issue with zoom not being set to maximum after exiting a station.
  • Gave myself a [GM] tag in chat, and a bright green name. I'll stop creeping on Sky now.
  • Added a maintenance shutdown timer.
  • Added a static string table to the network serializer. This should save a significant amount of bandwidth.
  • Added network culling of far away ships. This should also save a significant amount of bandwidth, but may lead to some instability.
  • Restriction on duplicate team names removed.
  • Increased overall drop rate by 10%, decreased individual drop rates for everything except metal.
  • Doubled max chat message length.
  • Replaced turret ammo indicators with "x"s and "o"s when zoomed out.
  • Discovered my concerns over uWebSockets were a non-issue.

February 22, 2019: Version ℵ8+

  • Replaced client-facing network back-end with uWebSockets. Should be a good deal more efficient.
  • Default zoom level has been doubled. Sprites will be redrawn soon to account for this.
  • Added an in-game changelog.
  • Added team join/leave messages.
  • Fixed sniper bullets phasing into the world.
  • RC Turrets can now be unloaded by clicking on them.
  • Added label text to the item hatch.
  • Added more prominent Reddit and Discord links.
  • Slightly improved UI scaling.
  • Updated help and quick start with some information about RC turrets.
  • Updated Privacy Policy and Terms.

February 19, 2019: Version ℵ8

  • Added remote-controlled turrets.
  • Added indicators for critical ships and derelict ships.
  • Added breaker ammo that can be used to break walls in the overworld.
  • Added an unbreakable world border.
  • Destroyed ships now drop loot.
  • Bot loot has been decreased.
  • Replaced Hammer with Wrench.
  • Decreased cost of sniper, punch, yank ammo.
  • Ships can now fit through gaps exactly as wide as themselves.
  • Slightly improved hatch drop logic.
  • Added additional debugging features.

February 17, 2019: Version ℵ7+

  • Hopefully fixed server-crashing bug caused by ship removal.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause removing an item from the crafting queue to remove all items after it.
  • Ammo in turrets can now be swapped by clicking with the new ammo type, unloading the turret first is no longer needed.
  • Draws are now somewhat ordered for objects in the foreground/background. Foreground objects have precedence for usage.
  • Added Trash Ammo that can be crafted for free, to help deal with ships running out of ammo and being unable to continue the game.
  • Improved dropped item networking.
  • Improved logic for loading materials into the fabricator, it now checks if the same material is loaded in any slot instead of filling the first available slot.
  • Added a limit to scoreboard width so it doesn't fill the whole screen.
  • Doubled resource drops. Might be a bad idea, but I'd rather they be too high than too low right now.
  • Team score is now halved upon ship destruction.

February 16, 2019: Version ℵ7

  • Shredders can now shred shredders.
  • Added a fabricator that can be used for crafting.
  • Added local ship chat.
  • Team list order is now randomized, to prevent many players from joining the first team in the list.
  • Drops adjusted. Materials are now common drops. All other drops are more rare. Drop crates now display contained items and take 10 minutes instead of 1 to despawn.
  • Yank and Punch ammo now applies a fixed velocity instead of a force. Their damage was increased to the same as Standard Ammo.
  • Round timer disabled.
  • Can now exit stations using the Escape key.
  • Fixed scoreboard overflow, added total player count to scoreboard / start menu team list, and added borders between teams.
  • Improved world tile storage.
  • Added version checking when joining a server.
  • Hopefully fixed broken expired ships.
  • Hopefully finally fixed remaining issues with element focus.
  • Build tasks are now partially visible when zoomed out.
  • Analytics now only run after the notice has been accepted.

February 8, 2019: Version ℵ6

  • Ships can now be created by players.
  • Ships without players will be removed.
  • Maximum stack size changed to 16.
  • Turrets can now hold 16 of any ammo type.
  • Increased the ratio of random drops that are ammo.
  • Added better algorithm for controlling snapshot/command buffers.

February 1, 2019: Version ℵ5

  • Added ladders.
  • Added item hatch and a ship item buffer.
  • Improved zooming.
  • Improved UI scaling for low resolutions.
  • Added text descriptions for usable objects.
  • Added pop-out button for help and quick start.
  • Added new overworld map generator.
  • Optimized bulk world update networking and added render culling for world blocks.
  • Added snapshot bytebuffer, input library, and world data to webassembly portion.

January 25, 2019: Version ℵ4(first update)

  • Enabled HTTPS and moved to new domain:
  • Added variable height jumping.
  • Added preview cursors for building.
  • Improved and optimized prediction.
  • Name length limit enforced clientside, add randomly generated names, fixed name unicode support.
  • Added cosmetic engines.
  • Added two more ships.
  • Added more extensive help.
  • Improved world collider generation.
  • Ship destruction can now be prevented if a ship is healed in time.
  • Added an item shredder.
  • Item stacks will now merge together on collision.
  • Added UI for held items.
  • Base turret shot speed increased by 50%.
  • Added OpenGraph meta tags.
  • Switched to msgpack for serialization.
  • Moved bullet trail rendering and world rendering to webassembly portion.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that caused the render to quit working.
  • Fixed bug that could cause players to fall off the map.
  • Players now (re)spawn on helms.
  • Fixed mouse click/hold checks.
  • Links open in a new tab instead of killing the game.
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