There are many clans in the game, they can provide assistance with fighting, missions, protection, and a few other good uses. Currently there is no clan related features in the game.

  • They generally use special symbol and/or emoji characters in their nicknames and ship names.
  • Many of them would have a Discord server for the clan.
  • There is a #community-links channel in the Official Dredark Discord server where clans can advertise. You can look for a clan to join or get info about them.
  • They usually have a rank system for their members.

Clans are an unofficial part of the game, you do not need to be in a clan to have fun. There are some clans that are more open than others. Here are some Pros, and Cons of clans


  1. community
  2. can give resources/ships
  3. gives you jobs
  4. access to resources
  5. help in fights


  1. may not be good people
  2. typically selfish
  3. you have little power
  4. unofficial
  5. joining fee
  6. teams up on smaller ships


  • If there is a clan war, go below it in a small ship, to collect resources
  • Clans can be a good way to trade
  • make friends with clans, then if you get attacked, you have friends
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