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About the Game
Dredark( is an aerial warfare .io game with 2D graphics by Adam Coggeshall. Build a flying battleship with a team and put it to the test. Pilot your ship, man turrets, build and craft your way to the top of the leaderboard. There are many ways to play the game: You can build a dreadnought with dozens of guns and a large crew, or a small and maneuverable vessel for only your friends. You can choose to fight other ships for their loot, or peacefully farm bots and mine. You can play on the Dredark test servers as well. This test server will allow captains to interact with a "cheat menu", allowing them to build anything with infinite resources. Some of the options of this "cheat menu" involves noclip, sandbox build mode, and ship noclip. The test server will sometimes contain newer updates before they get published to the main server. You can click here to play on the test server. The Test Server aka Creative Mode on (Dredark as well) is great for the people that like to make their ship look really good, or if they just want to have a little fun with some items, although Adam recently added Slug Ammo and thrusters to the game and removed Breaker ammo.
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DredNot Test Server - what is it and what can I do-0

DredNot Test Server - what is it and what can I do-0

Dredark Test Server Tutorial


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