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Expando box

An Expando Box (basic) holding 48 Explosives

Expando box

The Expando box Expando Box is a item storage box, meaning you can store large amounts of a item inside one of these.

Keep in mind that the box will expand gradually, consuming more room in your Spaceship when large amounts of the item is stored inside the box. So keep this in mind when creating a storage room. Although it grows, it takes up less space than all of the items it contains when dropped. If you are using it to store resources, use a fabricator instead since it can store more resources per block of space vs an expando box and it does not block a player.

Expando box Expando Boxes are also affected by gravity, meaning they are entities, just like dropped items. They can be moved by collisions with other items, tools or players, or moved by Pusher Pushers for a example.

To be able to remove or Wrench Wrench a Expando box Expando Box, you must empty it first.

The hitbox of an Expando Box is not a perfect square (or rectangle), because at the very edges, there is a small space that you can click through.


The Expando box Expando Box can be crafted from 8 Metal Metal at a Fab machine icon Machine Fabricator.


  • Version 21 - Hitbox altered, no longer shows item count when zoomed out
  • Version 20 - Added

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