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Res explosives

Explosives are a very common resource in the game and is heavily used to produce Ammo.

Although it can be used as a quick Fuel Thruster Fuel too, seeing as it also activates thrusters. Be sure to stay in stock with some, fuel burns quickly as well as ammo.

A usage example would be placing some Res explosives Explosives in a Fab munitions icon Munitions Fabricator to craft Ammo standard Standard Ammo.


  • You can typically find Explosives on the ground, decaying.
  • Using 1 Res explosives Explosives, you can craft 1 Fuel Thruster Fuel in 30 seconds.


A list of Items that use Res explosives Explosives in their recipe.

Item Recipe
Ammo standard
Standard Ammo
Ammo scattershot
ScatterShot Ammo

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