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Fabricators are very important stations in your Spaceship. All Fabricators use resources, and can craft specific items. There are few different types of Fabricators in Dredark (All can be found at the bottom of the page).

  • All Fabricators have a height of 3 blocks and a width of 2.5 blocks.
  • Some Fabricators can craft some of the same items as other Fabricators.

Exterior appearance explanation

1) The two little bullets indicate that it is the munition fabricator.

2) This screen indicates the currently produced item.

3) The three horizontal bars indicate how much resources are stocked in the fabricator.

4) The item is slowly getting pushed upwards and will fall down in a straight line. If the ground is where it is in the picture, it will be directly dropped to where the 6) marker is pointing at.

Fabricator Munition

5) Laser beams that are moving when the production is ongoing.

6) The finished product.

7) The lower marker points at the loading bar for each produced item and the top marker shows how many seconds it will take & in brackets shows how many items.

Note the bottom light will flash red when one of the required materials are out. More materials must be put in to continue production.

Original "Fabricator"




Before there was even a Legacy Fabricator, there was Fabricator simply named "Fabricator". Here's a small GIF file displaying it crafting a removed item known as the "Hammer".

All Fabricators
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