Not to be confused with the Flux tiles Flux Tile. This article is about the drop.
Flux Crystals

Flux Crystals are the least common Resource in the game and are used to produce advanced machinery like Loader Loaders, Pusher Pushers, and other advanced Items.


They can be obtained mainly by destroying Flux tiles Flux Tiles, which only spawn in Missions. You can also get them by trading, recycling a Handheld Pusher Handheld Pusher or other item made with flux, or by shooting it out of a critical Ship.


A usage example would be placing the Flux Crystals Flux Crystals in a Fab machine icon Machine Fabricator to craft

a Loader Loader .

Used to craft

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Loader Pusher Handheld Pusher Item Launcher Packaged Speed Skates Booster Boots Launcher Gauntlets Construction Gauntlets Rocket Pack Hover Pack

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