Green Bots are NPC enemies and can be destroyed with turrets. They are found in Sparrow I. The Green Bot always drops two rares on death, but only 1 can be spawned in the game at once and it takes them 15 minutes to re-spawn after death. This bot also has more HP than the other bots. These bots' projectiles have the properties of punch ammo.

They're also known as "Coward Bots" because they flee away, avoiding attacks. Spaceships nearby get pushed around by the projectiles due to the mass spread of bullets being fired at once by these bots. Be cautious at close range, these bots can push you straight into enemies hands.



They are flying green circles with greenish eyes and have darker dotted circles spinning around the rim, just like the Red Bot. Unlike the other bots, the green bot's mouth appears to be closed instead of open, and it only comes in one size variant, being large, but not the biggest size.


This mob drops two rares on death every time.


  • Avoid getting pushed around.
  • They have more health. Meaning more ammo fired. Keep turrets loaded.
  • Use Yank Ammo to pull them closer, keep them from fleeing.
  • Or you can fight back with more Punch Ammo to trap them at a corner.
  • Use ScatterShot Ammo to obliterate them at close range. Several RC Turrets give you the upper hand in this case. (The only problem with scattershot ammo is that you have a very high chance of being damaged by the enemies due to close range.)
  • If you want to compromise, use Flak Ammo. It starts as one projectile, but explodes into multiple in flight. This makes it perfect for medium-ranged combat with these bots.
  • You can also fight from a long distance with Sniper Ammo. It has a long range meaning you can safely fire at the bot without getting hit. (The only problem is that an enemy can come in behind you and fire at you.)
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