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The Handheld Pusher is a craftable tool in Dredark. It can be used to push or pull entities, just like the normal Pusher block.


Just like the Pusher, it is used to push or pull dropped items. It can be also used to move players and Expando Boxes.

If you're having trouble pushing huge items around like an Expando Box for example. You can hit the "R" button to switch the direction.


You can craft a Handheld Pusher with 4 Metal, 4 silica crystals and 16 Flux crystals at an Engineering Fabricator. They are also rarely dropped by Green Bots.


  • You cannot stack Handheld Pushers in the inventory.
  • To change push direction, press R.
  • It can push players and boxes, so it can be a good item for lifts and games.
  • If a player runs against the direction of 1 pusher, they can overpower it. However, 2 pushers together are strong enough to push a player.
  • You can recycle it in a recycler for a quantity of flux that ranges from 10 to 15*.

*requires verification

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