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Hyper Rubber Blocks are Buildable blocks that are very bouncy and are crafted using a less common Resource known as Hyper Rubber.png Hyper Rubber.

They're great for making bouncy platforms, or walls. Holding the Space key on your keyboard while on a Hyper Rubber Block will make you increase your jump height.

If you fall on one of these blocks from a high height, you'll bounce almost the same height that you fell from. Whilst not holding the Space key will make you slowly decrease height every bounce until you just stop bouncing.


You can also "float" if you hold Space under and above a 3-block wide gap.


A usage example would be using Hyper Rubber Blocks as a floor or trampoline to increase your jump height to another platform or room.


Holding down the R key allows you to customize the block type to fit your needs.

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