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Not to be confused with the Golden Item Shredder, which is a golden variant.

The Item Shredder can be used on packaged (dropped) items. It deletes them without leaving anything behind. This dangerous item must be kept safe from griefers as they may use it to destroy items in your ship.


You can craft an item shredder at a Starter Fabricator or an Engineering Fabricator.

Captains are able to reclaim Starter Item Shredders from the Ship Settings menu. They disappear when dropped.


Before version N19, Item Shredders were not craftable, so when version N19 made them easily craftable, the Dredark team decided to turn all the old item shredders into Golden Item Shredders to compensate for the relative difficulty of obtaining them before the update.

  • It is unknown how to obtain Item Shredders before version N19. It could be a possible loot drop from a bot. Please update this wiki if you know the details.

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