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Labs is a game mode where you can join in on in both Test Server and the live server of Deep Space Airships it features a PVP/PVE game mode where you collect Void Orbs in order to advance to the next stage/zone.


  • Special Void Bots will spawn that drop the necessary Void Orbs to advance to the next zone.

Ship Moto[]

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Welcome to the Labs! Game Mode: Collect orbs to survive and advance. Theft may be necessary in the late game. If you have enough orbs, you can use the '/warp' command to advance early. No seeker bots. No missions. Enabled Flags: simple_fabs: Craft anything in any fabricator. simple_comms: Chatting at the helm can send comms messages. no_clones: You can't join the same ship multiple times. no_crit: No teleporting away on heavy damage.