Fabricator machine


The Machine Fabricator is a buildable for the Spaceship that can be crafted at the Fab starter icon Starter Fabricator or at the Fab machine icon Machine Fabricator itself.

You can craft most of the buildables at this Fabricator, which makes it pretty unique.


A usage example would be placing Metal Metal in a Fab machine icon Machine Fabricator to craft a Comms packed Comms Station.

Recipe List

Items you can craft at the Machine Fabricator
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Helm Packaged
Comms packed
Cargo hatch
Packaged Cargo Ejector
Controller packaged
Recycler icon
Fabricator munitions
Fabricator engineering
Fabricator machine


  • You can use any Fabricator to store resources, which you can eject at any time. The items will drop out of the bottom left door.
  • All Fabricators has a height of 3 blocks and a width of 2.5 blocks.
  • The top red light will flash when something is blocking the next item from dispensing. The top red light will flash after 4 items are on top of each other, including stacks.
  • The bottom red light will flash when some or all of the required materials are out. The required materials must be inserted to continue production. The light will also flash when not enough materials have been put in.

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