The Overworld is all the locations where your Spaceship can fly to, if you are controlling the Helm Packaged.png Helm. Whilst the "Sub-world" describes the inside of your Spaceship, where your character and other players can move around.

Regular Zones

You can enter these zones at anytime, but some have a combat rating meaning your ship could be less harmful in other zones. (Depending if your Spaceship exceeds the combat rating for that zone...)

  • Portal 1.png Finch I (PvP/PvE) (Combat rating up to 2500 - 3000)
  • Portal 1.png Finch II (PvP/PvE) (Combat rating up to 2500 - 3000)
  • Portal 2.png Sparrow I (PvP/PvE) (No combat rating limit)

Safe Zones

P.V.P Disabled / P.V.E Disabled / Turrets Disabled

Mission Zones

Every 15 minutes, one of the listed missions below will be selected and will spawn 3 portals each in random locations in the zones Portal 1.png Finch I, and Portal 1.png Finch II.

It's possible Portal 1.png Finch I could have different mission portals than Portal 1.png Finch II.

For an example:

Portal 1.png Finch I could spawn 3 portals to Portal 4.png The Pits, while Portal 1.png Finch II spawns 3 portals to Portal 5.png Canary.

  • Portal 4.png The Pits (PvP/PvE) / (No combat rating limit)
  • Portal 5.png Canary (PvP/PvE) / (No combat rating limit)
  • Vulture.png Vulture (PvP/PvE) / (No combat rating limit)

Miscellaneous Portals

Miscellaneous portals.

  • Test Battle Zone.png Test Battle Zone (PvP/PvE) (No combat rating limit) -TEST SERVER EXCLUSIVE-
  • Gate.png Gates (PvP/PvE) (Combat rating up to 2500 - 3000)
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