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The Pusher is a Item that can be set to push or pull other Items, and are often used in automatic ship designs.

You have to manually adjust the settings of the Pusher to change its push or pull direction. The Pusher has filters so you can restrict certain Items to be pushed or pulled.


The Pusher is often used in auto-ship designs, combined with Loader Loaders to automatically reload Turrets. The Pushers will push the Ammo to the Loader Loader. Pushers can also push or pull items into the loader, which can load Expando box Expando Boxes or other items such as Thruster Thrusters.


This item can be made at a Fab machine icon Machine Fabricator using 8 Metal Metal and 4 Flux Crystals Flux Crystals.

Or by trading, or looting critical Spaceships.

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