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Red Bots are NPC enemies and can be destroyed with turrets, the larger the Red Bot is, the more HP it will have and the more loot it will drop. They shoot red projectiles with some bullet spread onto Spaceships nearby. The projectiles have a lot of spread, so it's advised to be cautious at close range.

Npc screenshot 1.PNG


They are flying red circles with eyes and have darker red dotted circles spinning around the rim.

Npc sizes diffrences.PNG



  • The eyes of Red Bots always track their current target. Sometimes they are close to you but not even hunting you, you can use this as an advantage against other player spaceships nearby. Means extra damage and blockade against enemy ships by the NPC.
  • You can push Red Bots with your spaceship into walls or corners to kill them easier. But be careful, as larger the Red Ball are, the more significant damage they do and the are harder they are to push around.
  • Use scattershot ammo to obliterate them at close range. Several RC turrets give you the upper hand in this case. (The only problem with scattershot ammo is that you have a very high chance of being damaged by the enemies.)
  • If you want to compromise, use Flak ammo. It starts as one projectile, but explodes into multiple in flight. This makes it perfect for medium-ranged combat.
  • The loot given tends to "explode" over a wide radius, so it is usually better to kill it in an enclosed space to minimize loot-grabbing time.
  • While easier to kill, the smaller bots are also reasonably likely to give no loot. Therefore, it is often more worthwhile to ignore them, despite the higher cost of killing the larger ones.