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Green Bot1 Green Bots are NPC enemies and can be killed using turrets.

They can only be found in Portal 2 Sparrow, and always drops 2 rare items on death.

This bot have a large amount of health overall, unlike most other bots. These bots' projectiles (bullets) are bright green and have the same properties as Punch Ammo.

They're also known as "Coward Bots" because they flee away, avoiding attacks. Spaceships who get hit by the green bullets get pushed around by them due to the mass spread of bullets being fired at once by these bots. Be cautious at close range, these bots can push you right into an enemy. It can also push other bots around, including itself, so keep watch.


They are flying green circles with greenish eyes and have darker dotted circles spinning around the rim, just like the Red Bot Red Bot. Unlike the other bots, the green bot's mouth is closed instead of open, and it only comes in one size variant, being large, but not the biggest size.

Green Bot Drops List[]

Image Item Name
Beach Ball
Beach Ball
Soccer Ball
Volley Ball
Handheld Pusher
Handheld Pusher
Manifest Scanner
  • Hover Pack
Hover Pack


  • Avoid getting pushed around by them.
  • This is mainly the target of battleships.
  • They have tons of health. Keep Turret Ammo loaded and produced at a steady rate.
  • Use Yank Ammo to pull them closer, keep them from fleeing. You can also try Punch Ammo to force it into a corner
  • Because it flees, you can exploit this and try to get it to repeatedly flee into a corner. However, it may hit itself with its ammo and escape, and you will have to chase it again
  • Because it moves a lot, don't use slug or scattershot because of their short range. Standard ammo and sniper work best. Sniper works well because it will hit the bot before it can run away, and standard can reload fast. The bot's movements are unpredictable so don't use flak. You can also use yank/punch to trap it.
  • Use Auto Turrets to maximize damage. Because of its high mobility, Burst Turrets will often miss after the bot runs.
  • Be sure to watch your health bar. Even though they use punch ammo, they can do a lot of damage at close range. If you do manage to trap it, keep a little distance so you can dodge some of it's bullets and not take as much damage.