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Seeker bots hunt down the miner of

Seeker bots is a bot inspired by the old yellow, square canary bots. They spawn in packs of 1-3 (Hummingbird:1, Finch:2, Sparrow:3) after mining a Flux dirt tile. The bot has very fast health generation, but can be immobilized for a few seconds when the health reaches 0. After this time, it will respawn as a higher tier bot. The seeker bot is the strongest bot in the game, and is theoretically impossible to survive against long-term.


There is 4 tiers of seeker bot. The higher tier the bot is, the more accuracy, bullets, movement speed and bullet speed the bot will have. The tier of the bot can be upgraded by mining more or by temporarily immobilizing the bot. The four tiers of bots are shown in order below:

Tier1Tier 2 seeker botTier2Tier 4 seeker bot


The seeker bot will spawn at a random location, which will be shown on the map. The bot will then seek and attempt to kill the miner, not hesitating to kill ships in its' way. This is a common strategy for inferior Clans, who use a small ship to summon seeker bots and drive around their enemies so the bots will shred their ships. The seeker bot will move significantly faster while in a Mining Area. The only true way to eliminate a seeker bot is to exit the zone, and the seeker bots will instantly disappear.[1]