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Used as fuel for shield generators.

A shield core is a special item related to the new "Shields and Scope Creep" update, released July 28th, 2023. Its only purpose is to be used as fuel for the Shield Generator, which regenerate ship shield fluid (in other words, the ships health). Although ship shield boosters are also still a valid resource to use to fuel shield generators, they are less efficient, but in contrary to shield cores, they can be crafted.

- Shield cores are obtainable only as drops from the shield bots (located in zones Finch and Sparrow). Amount per drop/bot kill ranges from 1 to 3.

- Shield cores cannot be used as a healing item alone, they only work by being placed into a generator via loader or by hand (2 at a time are stored, excluding the one waiting to be loaded).

- In terms of how many fit per expando box, shield cores are closely related to unstackables (RC's, loaders, tools, etc.) 12 is the maximum capacity they can take up before the box expands.

Note: Shield cores are used only when your shield is NOT at its maximum capacity. If shields are full, cores are not used.