Spaceships are the place where all players are and can be controlled with many different stations.


Spaceship screenshot1

Every ship spawns at a length of 10 and a width of 5 blocks. There are 4 blocks and 3 ladders build in already. (Which you can re-use by deconstructing them with a wrench.) The maximum size for a ship is 80x80 exterior tiles - equal to 10x10 overworld tiles. This means you have 78x78 tiles on the inside to work with. This is also convenient as 78 is divisible by 3, allowing you to fit exactly 26 turrets (or ejectors) per side.

Station Layout

All Stations your spaceship spawns with, are blue outlined. These item's can not be destroyed, ejected or looted by other ships, in case your ship gets destroyed.

Saving your spaceship


To save your Spaceship for future uses follow these five steps:

  1. You have to reach a Safe Zone (Freeport I,II, and III.)
  2. Then open the Team Manager window. (bottom right corner of your screen)
  3. Click on Save Team. (This will send you back to the menu and kick all players of your spaceship.)
  4. Your spaceship will be saved and displayed on top of the list in the menu.

Demote Self

You can click the "Demote Self" button on the Team Manager window to demote yourself. A window will appear saying "This will demote you to Crew. If you are the only Captain, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you or anyone else to be made Captain again. Are you sure?" After you pressed the "Okay" button, you will be instantly demoted to crew status. You can still walk around on the ship and use it as usual, but you can not see it anymore on your ship list, therefore not join it anymore.

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