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Battleship Styles

This page is about Spaceship Designs. As I have noticed that there are many types.

  • Farmer.: Usually a self-sustaining ship; a very efficient bot killer. Used mostly to gather metal, explosives and silica.
  • Fighter.: Medium-size predator. Specializes in both Speed and Power
  • Tank / Destroyer.: Huge behemoths! these are usually yank and slug but can be any ammo. They are mighty good at power but terrible at speed.
  • Corvette.: The smallest of all, Corvettes are not surprisingly fast, though they only have 4 thrusters.



rc miner: 2 rc each side

auto rc miner: 1 auto and 1 rc each side

stealer: everywhere is truster steals materials

Farmer Destroyer Fighter Corvette
Speed 4 1/2 1 2-3 4 1/2-5
Power 2 5 4 2
Storage 4 3;5 3 2


Storages. Good for particularly rich players, though it can be made by anyone. Here is a list of all the storage styles I have seen.

  • Max Storage Design.: (currently no image) A storage that has literally no entertainment (parkour, rubber blocks, pixel art, etc.) and ONLY storage for items, usually gigantic expandos.
  • Auto Storage.: (currently no image) Usually a very expensive ship flux-wise, but definitely worth it. Has a series of Pushers , Loaders, and Hatches . Though I have no image of an auto storage I do have a picture of an auto shop I used in a build-a-base (down)
    Screenshot (18).png