Sparrow I is a dangerous area where Blue Bots, Red Bots, Green Bots, and Diamond Tiles spawn at. It has both PvP (player vs. player) combat, and PvE (player vs. entity) combat. It has portals to Finch II, Finch I, mission zones Canary and The Pits, safe zone Freeport III, and the server portal (Freeport III). Sparrow I regenerates every once in a while. Also, Sparrow I has no health limit.


  • Tons of ships will be here either for fighting and loot, or for getting to the diamond tiles. Don't be surprised if there are tons of holes everywhere. If you are a starter ship and you go in this zone, GET OUT UNLESS YOU ARE HIGHLY SKILLED.
  • Expect battleships in this zone, as there is no health limit.
  • If you see loot anywhere, take advantage if no one is around.
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