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The Test Server is a Deep Space Airships (or Drednot) server alternative. It is different in the form that it is meant for testing; You can freely fly through anything and everywhere, replicate the same materials without limitation, and even grant your ships noclip. There is an item menu that grants you every item in the game, excluding Patreon Cosmetics, Patreon Wrenches, and rares, with the only exception being Gold Nulls. (In Category:Items) Test is often used by younger audiences for more colorful, peaceful mini-game ships rather than battleships and storages, as the main server often has. However, it is also used for its testing purpose, with main server players (Also known as Prod or Real) coming to test battleship blueprints and the like without wasting resources.

Cogg also utilizes the server for his own updates, often pushing demo versions of one before allowing it to pass to prod.

Ships in Test Servers now cannot be made public.

Please read DSA's TOS and Rules page before playing.