Thrusters are what give your ship the ability to move. Without any, your ship will fall to the bottom of the map and you will not be able to steer it.

There are 2 types of Thrusters, Thruster (Starter) and Thruster. Both of these are controlled by the Helm

Thruster (Starter)

Your ship will start out with 2 Starter Thrusters which never require refueling! You can never make more of these so do not shred them with the Item Shredder. Unlike the Thrusters, These can be placed on the corner of a ship to provide more angles of thrust. (See Thruster Placement below)


Thrusters can be crafted using Machine Fabricator. Unlike the Starter Thruster, these take up 3 blocks of space on any outside wall of your ship and burn Fuel to be active.

Thruster Placement

Thrust Angle
Thruster placement determines the angle and power of thrust provided.

Due to this it appears from my testing that traveling at an angle (up and left, or similar) usually provides more thrust if thrusters are placed on each side of the ship.

Thruster Fuel


Explosives can be used directly as thruster fuel but do not burn very long. Burn Time: 60 seconds

Thruster Fuel

Thruster Fuel is the most common fuel due to its long burn time and low cost. Crafting Cost: 1 Explosives Crafting Time: 30 Seconds Burn Time: 120 seconds

Booster Fuel (Low Grade)

Booster Fuel (Low-Grade) Crafting Cost: 16 Explosives Crafting Time: 30 Seconds Burn Time: 20 seconds

Booster Fuel (High Grade)

Booster Fuel (High-Grade) 1/4 the crafting time of low grade. Crafting Cost: 1 Flux Crystals + 64 Explosives (For 4 fuel) Crafting Time: 30 Seconds (for 4) Burn Time: 20 seconds

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