Drednot.io Wiki

Tools are used to interact with Buildables, Items, and your Spaceship.

All Tools[]

Image Name Description Required Resources
Wrench Used to take stuff apart.
  • 4 x Metal
Item Shredder
Item Shredder Destroys items.
  • 4 x Metal
Golden item shredder
Golden Item Shredder Destroys items quickly, with style. Legacy Item \ Not Craftable
Ship shield booster
Ship Shield Booster Repairs your ship's shields.
  • 2 x Metal
Ship embiggener
Ship Embiggener Makes your ship bigger. Press R to change axis.
  • 4 x Metal
Ship shrinkinator
Ship Shrinkinator Makes your ship smaller. Space must be completely empty. Press R to change axis.
  • 4 x Metal