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The Turret is a buildable that must be controlled manually and cannot be controlled by the Helm like the RC Turret. Once you insert Ammo into this Turret.png Turret, you can't get it out unless you switch Ammo or Wrench.png Wrench it, you can't left click and dispense it back out.

The RC Turret Starter Packaged.png RC Turret and Turret.png Turret's max Ammo capacity is 16. The Turret.png Turret is mainly used in your early hours of Dredark.io and as you progress they will eventually be replaced with better Turrets like RC Turret Starter Packaged.png RC Turrets and Packaged Auto Turret.png Auto Turrets.

You can use a Controller packaged.PNG Turret Controller to control 2 Turret.png Turrets at once.

The texture shown in the infobox has been updated in-game.


The Turret.png Turret is often used on starter player's Spaceships, due to it being the only craftable Turret.


This item can be made at a Fab machine icon.png Machine Fabricator using 8 Metal.png Metal.

Or by trading, or looting critical Spaceships.

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