The Turret is a Station which must be controlled manually and cannot be controlled by the Helm, unlike the RC Turret, which can. Both the RC Turret and Turret can hold up to 16 Ammo at a time. Once you insert ammo into this turret, you can't get it out unless you switch ammo or wrench it, unlike the RC, which is left-clicking to get ammo out. The turret will mainly be used early in the game because they will eventually be replaced with better turrets like RC and Auto.

You can use the Turret Controller to control 2 turrets next to the controller. When you take control of it, ammo shoots out of both turrets that the controller is connected to.


This item can be made at a Machine Fabricator for 8 Metal. You can also get it from critical ships, loot, and by trading.

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