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Turrets are used to defend your ship. They can be used to shoot other Spaceships or bots. You can also mine Tiles or Diamond Tiles with Slug ammo to get loot. Some Turrets can be crafted and some can only be looted as a rare drop.

  • Turrets can only be placed on the outside walls of your Spaceship.
  • You have to reload turrets manually unless you use Loaders

When you first spawn into your ship, it is recommended to make sure your Turrets are loaded. Grab a box of Ammo by clicking, then click on your Turrets. Items can be dropped by pressing Q. Ammo can be produced by using your Fabricators.

List of Turrets

Image Name Description Storage Packaged
Unpackaged Turret.png
Turret A standard turret can only be controlled manually. 16
Unpackaged RC Turret.png
RC Turret Can only be controlled by a Helm. 16
RC Turret Starter Packaged.png
Auto Turret.png
Auto Turret Can only be controlled manually,

but has a higher fire rate and can hold the highest amount of ammo in it (together with burst)

Packaged Auto Turret.png
Unpackaged Burst Turret.png
Burst Turret Can only be controlled manually,

but shoots in bursts and

can hold the highest amount of ammo in it (together with auto)

Turret burst packed.png

All Turrets and Ammo
Turret Packaged Auto Turret.png Auto TurretTurret burst packed.png Burst TurretRC Turret Starter Packaged.png RC TurretTurret.png Turret
Ammo Ammo standard.png Standard AmmoAmmo scattershot.png ScatterShot AmmoAmmo flak.png Flak AmmoAmmo sniper.png Sniper AmmoAmmo punch.png Punch AmmoAmmo yank.png Yank AmmoAmmo slug.png Slug AmmoAmmo trash.png Trash Ammo