About me

Pleasure to meet your acquaintance, I'm a guy who enjoys, and have been working on different wikis since way before becoming a player.


  • New homepage, will make more changes / kinda dislike the look of the navigation portals.
  • Updating pages infoboxes first, then will proceed with editing page information. or just edit page information and infoboxes at the same time. Slower process.

"To Do" List

This is my "to do" list arranged in accordance to their priority and if you wish to help me, do not hesitate in messaging me so I can fill you in on how to make these things work.


  1. Rename Unpackaged images / and packaged images. So they ain't all hard to find and use in pages.


  1. Add newest items from

"Accomplished" List

This is my "Accomplished" list. Listed items that were recently from the "to do" that got completed.

Completed "to do" list items. Items from this list can easily be re-added to the "to do" list. :)


  1. {{Icon|<itemname>}}s- needs to be extended, add more icons.


  1. {{Homepage}} - Better navigation & discussion, maybe polls.
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