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The Yank Ammo does the opposite effect of Punch Ammo. Yank ammo pulls objects, bots, and ships towards you on contact. It is definitely needed at The Pits if you're wanting to reach the loot at the bottom, you will have to move the heavy Boulders that spawn there.

It can be useful in PVP as well just like the Punch Ammo! If a ship decides to flee, this ammo can be used to pull them back towards you. Preventing the hostile ship from entering any Portals and allowing you to deal high damage. Be cautious, however, as if the enemy has Scattershot Ammo or Slug Ammo, they will be able to do high damage to you at a close range.

  • Yank Ammo fires 30 shots per minute per RC Turret
  • Yank Ammo deals 50 damage per round

The Infomation above may not be correct it's only a rough estimate


Combine with Slug Ammo to deal massive inescapable damage.

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