Yellow bot fixed.PNG Yellow Bots can be found in a sleeping state, but when attacked, they spring to life and start attacking back almost instantly. Yellow bots have a surprising amount of health, and high attack power. They can also go anywhere with their 6x6 size, (1 block)

Yellow bot fixed.PNG Yellow Bots are smaller Bots that resemble Tiles and only spawn in the Portal 5.png Canary mission. Unlike their larger brethren, they only come in 1 size. But they can pack a more power punch.


  • While they can drop some good stuff, it is usually better to ignore them and go mining for other stuff. This is due to their high damage, allowing them to obliterate you quickly.
  • As a miner it's usually better to keep your distance, since they have low health, they can be destroyed with Ammo such as Slug Ammo
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